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A couple of things I’d like to see eventually (!) in/from Chaos Wastes

warhammer 5 - A couple of things I'd like to see eventually (!) in/from Chaos Wastes

I was lucky enough to have had a day off today so… I may have spent almost all day playing chaos waste. It was an accident. Here are some thoughts on what I'd like to see to improve/round out what is already an absolutely fantastic mode.

1) A context spiel. I really miss the old spiels at the start of each mission, and to be perfectly honest I still have no clue why we are going to the chaos wastes or what is on the scrolls. Just a few sentence spiel during the initial load to set up the motivation would be enough for me! Ditto for the end. I still have not figured out what these scrolls are for or why they are important.

2) Adaptive Difficulty. Things can get really danm easy with some luck, and while that is part of the 'rougelite' experience, it can also ruin the fun if things become too trivial. On the other hand, know some people dislike scaling difficulty because what's the point of getting more powerful if the enemy does as well? + it would be difficult for any AI system to truly assess the power of players because boon synergies can be nonlinear. As such, how about an optional 'Double-or-Nothing' modifier on the map when you choose a mission? if things have been going well and you are a confident team, you can double all rewards, xp, and pilgrimage coins for the next mission by clicking the double or nothing icon. But doing so buffs the difficulty (better enemy stats & more swarms). If double pilgrimage coins sounds too powerful, it could be reduced (but then couldn't be called Double-or-nothing), or perhaps just an open bet? If things are going well, anyone can add coins to a betting pool 100 at a time, and the next level difficulty is scaled up based on the number of coins added, but if you win you get them all back and then some. Of course, you can't use bet coins in the mission you are betting on, and if you lose, those coins are not considered when calculating the carryover/xp. So its a gamble.

3) Some way to 'save' a weapon illusion or whole weapon at the end, for a normal game. Reds seem to be a hot-button issue on this sub. Personally, I have almost 350 hours in-game and have only ever received one red. Add to that some calls for better rewards from CW and the issue that there are some illusions only available in the CW… One good solution might be to allow people to forfeit their retained coins in order to save out one of the weapons they had (Or just the red-dust or just the illusion, if the whole weapon is considered too much). This might short-circuit the rarity of reds, so it could be made expensive. Maybe you need to end the CW run with 1000 coins, which you can then exchange in full (and retain none) in order to save a weapon. It wouldn't happen every them since saving a thousand coins at the end is difficult without giving up a lot of potential power, which would then loop back into increasing the difficulty. Chance on a weapon illusion/red you want to keep and add to your normal inventory? You gotta' put in the hard work of saving enough coins in order to buy it out.


4) A more climactic end mission. This is where the "Eventually (!)" in the title comes from, because I know this is asking a lot, but the end mission is IMHO a real disappointment. There are three aspects I'd like to see added:

  • First, a little bit more map leading up to the final part. Being dumped directly into an single big swarm really isn't all that fun. Most adventure maps that are finishers like this still have a little normal map beforehand.

    • Second, give us something to do beyond just 'survive.' Just copy-paste one of the mechanics from a previous adventure mode climax. Add some chains/beams from the Screaming bell and have us knock over Nurgle's cauldron, or use the mechanics from the forest map (I forget what it is called, the one where you turn discs to align them) to have us misalign the pages in Slaanesh's bedside table echhi. I don't care what and it doesn't have to be new, but I want there to be something. The CW are already filled with survive arenas, the final mission should have a cherry on-top. I don't care if it's a recycled cherry.
    • Third, add in (eventually !) a unique boss for each chaos god. By the time we get to the end, normal bile trolls/chaos spawn/minotaurs/stormfiends are ez. I feel like I'm being slapped by a car salesman bragging about how many boons I can fit inside me. I get that Fat Shark didn't want to/couldn't make whole new rosters for each god and that's why we are fighting rot bloods and every second voice line is the crew wondering where everyone else is, but these final missions would be a fantastic place to add a single boss-tier enemy. Maybe a Demon of mission's associated god comes in as the boss of the run (I don't know what tier is appropriate/believable for the U5 to be taking on. A lesser Demon as CW expedition boss seems like it might be a good fit?). I know I'm asking for a lot here, and Id be totally happy to buy this DLC or buy a DLC that comes adjacent to it as a free update.

5) Again, another "eventually" but I'd love to see some expanded enemy types. Nothing too outrageous – not asking for 3 new factions of enemy, but perhaps a reskinned Chaos Warrior for each god with a simple AoE passive. These god-specific chaos warriors spawn only on levels cursed by that god, and in the final mission. Nothing too fancy, just make the Khornite Chaos Warrior have red armour and give them an AoE that reduces ranged damage to themselves and all the enemies around them. Nurgles can be green, and have an AoE dot in a cloud around him or something. That sort of thing — nothing too fancy needed, just a bit of flavour. Chaos Spawn could get a similar treatment with a unique skin and oddball ability, and spawn rates of chaos spawn could be elevated on god-cursed maps to up the chance of seeing these more thematic ones. The only real wholesale new enemy type I'm itching to see are Forsaken, which could be locked to god-specific maps and colour coded as well.

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