Warhammer: Vermintide

A crazy idea for beta temp hp talents

warhammer 5 - A crazy idea for beta temp hp talents

1.) Give everyone the heal share talent as a passive. Do away with temp hp entirely, or perhaps retain it as passive as well, but as at a very low rate of gain and low retention. Cushion for the hordes or whatever. Make then wait until lvl 20 for it to kick in. The main thing being the heal share talent as an across the board passive.

This would encourage teamwork, but also make full book runs more difficult. If 75% of your team doesn't have a healing item when you need it, and no way to get temp hp.. You'll feel it. It will also help integrate new players into higher difficulties, who will watch and carry healing items. They'll feel super clutch when they drink a potion and save the team. It will also make true solo runs very difficult, for those who like that. Make true solo an official game mode. Everyone is happy.

2.) Make the level 20 talents completely different. Make them augment play styles or certain weapon usage. Say, 20% increased stagger on push attacks with shields, or +10% power on charge attacks with two handed weapons, +10% reload speed, +10% dodge distance with one handed weapons, +5% crit chance when ADS. You get the idea.


Don't get me wrong, it would be challenging to balance all of those abilities. However, it wouldn't be that far off from what we already have aa weapon properties or traits, just a little more circumstantial, or less powerful.

FK having a talent that gives +5% attack speed is pretty similar. It's a property you can get on a weapon, but you are spending a talent on it.

I feel something like this would increase the teamwork dynamic with healshare. It would also cause groups to plan book runs, to weigh the cost and benefit more often maybe. Maybe ranged mains wouldn't feel so gutted. Maybe ranged would carry more books, melee would carry more healing for when they need it…

I think it has little chance, but an interesting idea, I thought!


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