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A discussion about “aggro” and class roles on legend

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So I've recently noticed that often when a QP team wipes on legend and there's an ensuing discussion in regards of said wipe, there's a lot of blame put on players not perceived to be doing their "job". Sometimes it comes down to the upset person simply not understanding the mechanics of the game, which is honestly to expect with any slightly large/popular multiplayer game – but I also feel there's a general misconception about the implementation and importance of careers in this game.

Some people seem to expect their specific career choice to get them off the hook of special-clearing, horde-clearing, boss-damaging or melee/ranged combat. Now, there are some cases where this is true (a slayer is of course not responsible to clear ratlings or warpfires to the same degree as a bounty hunter for example), but what people need to understand about this game is that if you're playing on legend – shit WILL hit the fan sooner rather then later, and when that happends you HAVE to rely on your own skills to stay alive. Even "ranged" characters sometimes have to engage in melee, and it's the job of ALL party members to constantly keep a 360 lookout for single roamers or special spawns.


I will preface this whole thing by saying that most of the time, my experience in QP is good, but ever so often you run into people who rage at others because they've made a non-meta weapon pick or because they "were supposed to take aggro" or something of the like. When playing handmaiden I've ran into people accusing me of "not tanking" when dashing into invisibility to deal with dense hordes or sprinkled maulers/monks/berserkers. It's NO player's job to keep YOU safe on legend. It's YOUR job to play defensively and keep yourself alive.

Now, I'm not saying there's never a reason to be upset with your teammates (we've all ran into people whose favourite passtime it is to unneccesarily pull chaos patrols), but the fact of the matter is that legend can be se chaotic and unpredicatable that if you go down, it's probably because you made a bad move, missed a dodge or positioned yourself in a bad spot.

Own up to your mistakes, smile, and move on.

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