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A List of Everything You Wish Fatshark Told You

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  • Base max Overcharge is 40.
    • Manually venting hurts you once per second. The damage scales with how much Overcharge you have, from 3.5 at barely in orange, to 5.25 at nearly dead.
  • Base crit chance is 5%.
    • Kerillian's Dual Weapons have an extra 5% on light and push attacks.
    • The Crossbow (Victor and Bardin) has an extra 10% when aiming down sights.
  • Any instance of being healed, temporary or permanent, will restore 1 stamina if you have less than half your stamina.
  • Base health is 100, except for:
    • 125: Mercenary and Handmaiden
    • 150: Foot Knight, Ironbreaker, Zealot, and Unchained
  • Temp health degrades 0.5 / sec.
  • Blocking an attack outside your weapon's arc costs 4x as much stamina, with exceptions:
    • All Shield Weapons and Rapier use 0.5x stamina against attacks in their arc.
    • The Sword & Dagger uses 1.5x stamina against attacks in the arc, and 3x against attacks outside it.
    • Kerillian's 1H Sword uses 3x stamina against attacks outside the arc.
    • The Dual Swords use 2x stamina against attacks outside the arc.
    • Sienna's Dagger uses 2x stamina against attacks in the arc.
  • The Dagger, Dual Daggers, and Rapier use only one stamina to push.
  • Healing Draughts heal 75 hp. Any temp health will be 'overwritten'.
    • E.g. if you have (5+20)/100 health, a healing draught will put you at 80/100. If you have (5+95)/100 health, a healing draught will put you at (80+20)/100
  • Medical Supplies heal 80% of your missing health. Temp health is converted to permanent health afterwards.
    • E.g. 20/120 health becomes 100/120. (20+10)/120 becomes 110/120. (20+20)/120 becomes 120/120.
  • Using Medical Supplies on an ally will not heal you, but it will clear your wounds.

Level 20 Talents

  • Critical hits grant 3 temporary health.
  • Kills grant 2 temporary health.
  • Regain 50 health when Rat Ogres, Stormfiends, Chaos Trolls or Chaos Spawns are killed.

Equipment Traits

  • Off Balance: Blocking an attack increases the amount of damage the attacker takes by 50% 20% for 3 5 seconds.
  • Barrage: Consecutive attacks against the same targets boosts attack power by 5% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Inspirational Shot: Headshots restore 1 stamina to nearby allies.
  • Scrounger: Ranged critical hits restore 2 ammo.
  • Natural Bond: Grants passive health regeneration Passively heal 2 health every 10 seconds, but can no longer heal yourself.
  • Home Brewer: Grants base 25% chance to not consume potion when drinking.


  • Morale Boost (Ult): Kruber grants nearby party members a boost of 25 temporary health and staggers nearby enemies.
  • Inspirational: Increases the temporary health gained from Morale Boost to 40.


  • (unlisted): +50% total ammo.
  • Hunter's Prowl (Ult): Markus disappears from sight for a brief period and gains the following modifiers for 6 seconds, allowing him to ambush foes. The invisibility ends when he attacks.
    • -5% dodge range
    • -10% movement speed
    • 1.5x Strength boost on ranged attacks
    • +50% headshot power
    • +40% reload speed
  • Call Out Weakness (Passive): +5% critical strike chance aura.
  • Make 'Em Bleed: Critical hits cause enemies to take increased +20% damage for 5 seconds.
  • Makin' It look Easy: After scoring a ranged headshot Markus gains 25% increased critical hit chance until his next critical hit.

Foot Knight

  • No Guts, No Glory (Passive): -10% reduced damage taken.
  • Protective Presence (Passive): -15% damage resistance aura.
  • Taal's Fortitude (Passive): Increased + 2 stamina.
  • Defensive Formation: Increases damage reduction from Protective Presence by 5% to a total of 20%.

Ranger Veteran

  • Disengage (Ult): Bardin deploys a smoke bomb that conceals him from enemies and increases his ranged damage whilst he stays inside the cloud. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Survivalist (Passive): Specials drop ammo pickups on death. These restore 10% of your max ammo, rounded down.
  • Loaded for Battle (Passive): Increased +50% ammo capacity.
  • Fast Hands (Passive): Increased +15% reload speed.
  • Grungni's Cunning: Increases ammunition restored by Bardin's Surivalist ammunition pickups to 30%.
  • Master Brewer: Survivalist grants a speed or strength potion instead of ammunition one in three.
  • Ranger's Ambush: Increases the duration of Disengage stealth to 14 seconds and does not remove the effect if he leaves the cloud.


  • Impenetrable (Ult): Bardin taunts all nearby man-sized enemies, gains increased defence takes -80% damage and can block any attack has 0 block cost for the next 10 seconds.
  • Dwarf-Forged (Passive): Reduced -30% damage taken.
  • Doughty (Passive): Increased +2 stamina.
  • Resilient (Passive): Increased stun resistance -50% stun duration.


  • Leap (Ult): Bardin leaps forward to stun a target, and gains a burst of +30% attack speed for 10 seconds.
  • Trophy Hunter (Passive): Stacking 10% damage buff for 2 seconds on hitting an enemy. Stacks up to three times.
  • Path of Carnage (Passive): Increased +7.5% attack speed.
  • Crippling Wounds: Critical hits cause enemies to take increased +20% damage for 5 seconds.
  • Moving Target: Trophy Hunter also increases defense reduces damage taken by 10% with every buff stack.
  • Adrenaline Surge: On max stacks, Trophy Hunter grants cooldown reduction for Leap. Leap recharges twice as fast while Trophy Hunter is at max stacks.


  • (unlisted): Press Weapon Special while aiming to adjust your zoom level.
  • Amaranthe (Passive): Kerillian regenerates health over time 3 health every 10 seconds while below half health.
  • Arrow-Storm (Passive): Increased +50% ammo capacity.
  • Arcane Bodkins: Increases damage bonus of headshots by 50%.
  • Vaul's Quiver: Regeneration also recovers arrows or bolts 5% of her ammo every 10 seconds.
  • Isha's Embrace: Increases Kerillian's health regeneration to 4.5 every 10 seconds.


  • The Dance of Seasons (Passive): Increased +15% dodge distance.
  • Renewal (Passive): +100% stamina regeneration aura.
  • Shadowstep: Further increases dodge distance by 20% to a total of 35%.


  • Infiltrate: Kerillian becomes undetectable, and can pass through enemies, and deals greatly increased melee damage. Lasts for 10 seconds or until she attacks deals damage.

Witch Hunter Captain

  • (unlisted): +25% headshot power. Stacks with Deathknell to +75%.
  • Animosity (Ult): Victor pushes back nearby enemies, and boosts nearby allies' critical hit chance by 20% for 6 seconds.
  • Witch-Hunt (Passive): Tagged enemies Enemies tagged by Victor or his allies take additional +20% damage from all sources for 5 seconds after being tagged.
  • Deathknell: Increased +50% headshot damage bonus.
Read:  The visuals of loot earning is terrible. Please remove boxes, Remove card flipping, just give us the items like you used to.

Bounty Hunter

  • Ammo Pouches (Passive): Increased +50% ammo capacity.
  • Quick Release (Passive): Increased +20% reload speed.


  • Heart of Iron: Resist death on taking lethal damage every 2 minutes.
  • Undying Fervour: Fiery Faith also grants 1 stamina per 25 health missing. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

Battle Wizard

  • Fire Walk (Ult): Sienna teleports forward, leaving a blanket of fire in her wake for 5 seconds.
  • Tranquility (Passive): Avoiding damage and not casting spells for 8 seconds automatically ventilates Overcharge increases Overcharge decay speed by 200%.
  • Reckless Haste (Passive): Every 8 points of overcharge increases spell charge speed by 10%.
  • Pyromantic Surge (Passive): Increased +10% ranged damage.
  • Centered: Increases the effect of Tranquility Overcharge decay speed by an additional 100% when Tranquility is active.


  • Critical Mass (Passive): Increased critical strike chance based on Overcharge level. For every 8 points of Overcharge, critical chance increases by 6%.
  • Searing Focus (Passive): Increased +10% ranged damage.


  • Slave to Aqshy (Passive): No Overcharge slowdown from red Overcharge.
  • Unstable Strength (Passive): Increased melee power on high Overcharge. For every 8 points of Overcharge, melee power increases by 12%.
  • Blazing Sinews (Passive): Reduced -50% block cost on high Overcharge, consumes Overcharge.


  • Added Ranger Veteran's "Ranger's Ambush" infinite area effect.
  • Updated Huntsman's Ult with full description.

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