Warhammer: Vermintide

A New Player’s Perspective

warhammer 6 - A New Player's Perspective

I started playing the game about a month ago when it went on a Steam sale. Overall, the game is fun but buggy. It reminds me of Left 4 Dead but focused on melee combat with some RPG elements.

The positives

The game play is fun and it is definitely worth its price tag.

I don't know much about the warhammer universe but it does seem kinda cool through the game. I like how the game presents the universe and it made me want to learn more about it.

Each class is very distinct and cool in it's own way. The different careers are also pretty neat and the various weapons add more variety.

The levels in the game are designed pretty well and look nice. The addition of tomes and grims as collectibles are a cool idea.

The Negatives

I am more of a casual player and I've put in about 80 hours into the game but I kind of feel like…other than the stages being fun, there isn't really a reward for end game content other than bragging rights (achievements)?

There is a severe lack of in game information available. I didn't know that certain classes had more life than the others because you don't see that information. You also don't really know how much damage a weapon does until you test it out on the training dummy (which I didn't know existed until much later!) Even then, you don't really get actual "DPS" numbers to see what is possible.

I bought all the DLCs and I was a bit surprised at the lack of content other than a few maps per DLC. I tried doing the weaves and I thought other people would join but I was the only one, there weren't any bots with me.

Gear is very…..simple, almost too simple. Item properties seem to have little impact and traits are rather boring. There is also very little difference between red and orange items in terms of raw power. Illusions are also kinda dumb. I initially thought it was something really cool but it was just a weapon skin.

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Although the classes are cool, the talent tree and level up system is outdated and extremely simple. I feel like they could have been more creative in the talents or how characters level up.

Suggestions so far:

Red items should be more than just a random loot roll. Maybe allow red items to be crafted only through the forge in that one back area and each red item requires separate components to make. The components could maybe be either loot drops or collectibles found in the levels at high difficulties.

Speaking of items, make the properties and traits more memorable and creative. Instead of plus damage against some type of enemy, how about increased headshot or bodyshot damage? Or attacks have a % chance to break an enemy's guard? The wizard's weapon could have +overheat meter or a trait that allows the wizard to overheat completely without being knocked out but has a long cooldown.

It would also be nice if there were "set" items like in Diablo 2 or 3. The potential is already there with some of the item names so why not include this as another avenue for end game gear?

Revamp the level up system and character development to something more rewarding. Receiving a chest from leveling up isn't all that great and the talent tree seems to only have a couple good pathways per class. Maybe reduce the level cap down from 35 to 20 but require more than just simple experience to level up? Like, if you want to level up past 5 you need to complete X amount of missions on veteran difficulty or collect a certain number of tomes/grims? This would also allow for more creative daily and weekly missions.

Overall, it's a great game albeit flawed. There's so much potential in it though.

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