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A plea to Fatshark: Think about your green dust fix

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This is mostly in relation to https://i.imgur.com/SMTtKDR.jpg
that was posted by a developer, as a little preview. While I'm obviously very glad there's finally a fix to green dust in sight, there seem to be some highly obvious issues with this approach.

I just want to point out that in the current crafting system, you only expend green dust in tandem with blue dust, in the exact same amount. This means that your green dust and blue dust consumption is quite literally the exact same. There are no crafting recipes that use green dust, but no blue dust, or vice versa. This is important for understanding why this is a bit of a silly solution to the issue to begin with.

If the dusts are being expended in the exact same amounts, why are they seperate items to begin with? Why are we expected to convert them to a lower tier? If implemented in this way in the current crafting system, it serves literally no purpose other than pointless busywork of clicking the craft button over and over and watching the animation.


Again, I look forward to having green dust, but I really don't look forward to having to convert half of my ~1600 blue dust into green dust, through hundreds of clicks on that terribly annoying crafting window that is loud, requires me to keep clicking the item in the inventory, then watching the animation. I really hope that's not what's gonna happen.

TL;DR Please don't make us spend 30 minutes just clicking a button in the crafting menu. Make the amount of dust converted dynamic and let us enter a number, or, if there will still be no mathematical reason for blue and green dust to be seperated, merge the dust types. Respect the players time!

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