Warhammer: Vermintide

A request for everyone in the beta before it closes

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Use all of your resources to reroll all your blue/orange properties and post the slot, properties, and property ranges (if you hold shift, it will tell you the possible ranges of each property). Progress is wiped and this way we can use the resources to get preliminary data.

Here is what we currently have, courtesy mainly of u/Caridor


Stats: * +10-25% health * +10-30% reduction vs area damage * +10-30% reduction vs Chaos * +10-30% reduction vs Skaven * -10-30% block stamina cost * +10-30% push/block angle * +0.5-2.5 stamina


  • Natural healing (placeholder for real text, effect disables using healing items on yourself but gives passive green health regeneration)


  • +10-30% respawn speed
  • +10-30% stamina recovery
  • +2-10% crit chance (I believe this is additive)
  • +5-20% cooldown reduction
  • +10-30% revive speed
  • +11-33% curse resistance
  • +0.1-0.1% movement speed (I assume that's bugged)


  • 50% increased bomb radius (placeholder, don't know name or real text)


  • +2-10% attack speed
  • +5-20% power vs skaven
  • +5-20% power vs monsters
  • +5-20% power vs infantry
  • 5-20% power vs armoured
  • 10-20% crit power (though there is only the % when you hold shift)
  • 5-20% power vs berzerkers
  • 5-20% power vs chaos


  • 50% increased potion duration
  • Potion not consumed on use, but costs health to activate
  • Drinking a potion actives all 3 potion effects

Main Weapon (based on WH 2H sword):

  • +0.5-2.5 stamina
  • +5-20% power vs skaven
  • +5-20% power vs chaos
  • +2-10% crit chance
  • -10-30% block stamina cost
  • +10-20% crit power
  • +10-30% block/push angle
  • +2-10% attack speed


  • Parry – Timed blocks reduce stamina cost by 100%
  • Opportunist – Increases push strength by 50% when used against an attacking enemy
  • Heroic Intervention – Assisting an ally under attack grants both players a damage absorption shield for a short time.

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