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A Satisfying Clutch

warhammer 9 - A Satisfying Clutch

Quickplayed into a random group yesterday evening and we wound up jumping into The War Camp on Legend. Had a Slayer Bardin, Waystalker Kerillian, and Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre, with myself as Unchained Sienna. We wound up doing this map twice since the first had a huge wave of Stormvermin right off the bat that made us restart. A few folks didn't have the bonfire, so we stopped and grabbed that along the way – part of why we were redoing the map.

Things were going well enough on this retry. No more hiccups and we were working well together. At least until we made the mistake of splitting up at the second grim to get all of the candles. That's when a horde hit. Things went south fairly quickly when a troll dropped on us as well. Saltz and I fended off half of it. I dropped several minibursts with the conflag to break them up while we cut them down. And then Kerillian drops. That means Bardin's on his own over there where the troll's made it to. And Saltz gets pinned against the rocks and drops next. There are a few too many bodies in the way and I'm starting to run high on overcharge from trying to get them out of the way. We can't make it to Saltz in time to get him up and his fervor leaves us as we're clearing off the remnants, the troll's foul breath now right at our necks. I never even saw the elf pass amidst the chaos, and I only hope it was swift. Bardin goes down next. This isn't going well…

I pull aggro on the troll and wait for him to puke. A moment's opening that lets me pull Bardin to his feet. He leaps, flying through the air as he shouts for vengeance. The troll swats him away as if he's naught but an insect, right into Morr's waiting arms. Leaving a lone wizard to face the horror alone. A few sharp picks with the flaming crowbill pierce the flesh, but could never hope to whittle him down alone. Not with the speed I'll need. Heat is high, and health is low. But there is a light. In the distance, the elf struggles against her bonds. Hope.

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I pushed my way through the fetid waters and onto the dry land, skirting the tree and tossing a tome to the ground to chug a well-placed healing potion beneath the bridge. Temporary hit points, thanks to my necklace, but it will have to do. A chaos warrior and more goons are already rushing at me, so I double back, skating past the troll and circling around onto the wooden structures haphazardly thrown together by the warriors of chaos. It's enough of a distraction to make them struggle to climb the sides and chase me around. I leap past the ones rising to meet me and duck through the gateposts. The elf is near! A quick blast or two are all I need to stagger the overseers and get her to her feet. And she's off, a whirl of blades, fighting back and cutting my pursuers in half. But the troll is not so easily deterred. At the top of the hill, my other two companions wait, fueled with renewed vigor, and ready to fight. I charge in close. No time is spared between the first rising to their feet and me taking another blow. Another dance with the troll and he pukes again. The last moment we needed! Our fourth is on his feet and fighting! Through our combined effort, the troll is slain, and all finally falls quiet again. But the road ahead is still arduous…

Thankfully, after that, we were able to complete the map with relative ease. The commentary of "Wizard MVP" and chimes of agreement in chat felt very flattering though. Moments like these really stick with a person, and they're a great reason to play games like this.

TL;DR: Last stand against a troll with a dance through the swamps to get all three up and fighting with a successful finish of the map. Feels good man.

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