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A simple test for EAC performance impact

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To determine how much EAC effects your performance play a custom game with EAC enabled and with EAC disabled.

How to disable EAC:

  1. Navigate to %AppData%FatsharkVermintide 2 and open "launcher.config"
  2. Change the line "DisableAntiCheat = false" to "DisableAntiCheat = true". If you are using notepad to edit the file use File > Save As… and for "Save as type" select "All Files (*.*)"
  3. Launch Vermintide 2

When EAC is disabled you should see an orange box in the topright of the game that says "State: Untrusted Not running EAC"
While EAC is disabled you will not be able to save your progress or play with other players that have EAC enabled.

To Enabled EAC change launcher.config to "DisableAntiCheat = false"

What to look for while testing:

Loading times such as time the game takes to start, time for Taal's Horn Keep to load, and time for the map to load.

FPS (FPS display can be enabled in Steam Options under In-Game > In-game FPS counter) make a note of your FPS when a horde spawns, when a monster is spawned, and specials or any other time you would normally encounter a slowdown or stuttering.
Stuttering, Pausing, and low FPS. If you are normally experiencing a pause when hordes spawn make a note if playing without EAC enabled changes the amount of pausing or not.


To improve the usefulness of the test:

  • Minimize impact from other running processes
    • Make sure a virus scan or program update isn't running in the background.
    • If you have a browser window open while performing the test don't open or close any pages while testing.
  • Don't change any settings in the options menu between tests.
  • Play a custom game with bots and no other players. (Pick Custom Game and for other options check "Private Game")
  • Pick the same map and difficulty with EAC enabled and with EAC disabled.
    • If you have noticed a particular map that has slowdowns or stuttering for you test using that map.
    • Pick a map and difficulty level where you can survive long enough to encounter a horde, monster, and special spawns.
    • I played Against the Grain on Veteran since it is a simple map with a guaranteed monster spawn in a specific location. Veteran difficulty allows for survival while fighting a monster and a horde at the same time.
  • Play the game as you normally would, but try to keep your gameplay consistent for both tests. If you are using career skills, bombs, explosive barrels, lamp oil, ect then use them for both tests.
  • Pick the same character and career. Don't change the career of the bots.

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