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A small list of things that need to be changed about crafting

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God, crafting in this game is daft

First off, dust should not be converted in a 1-1 ratio. 10 orange dust /=/ 10 blue dust, period. At the very least, 1 blue dust should be worth 5 green, and 1 orange dust should be worth 5 blue. It's absolutely insane that I should have to grind recruit games to get random lootboxes, just so I can have the dust to re-roll my trinket 50 times until I get the traits I want. Speaking of re-rolling…

Rolling for small percentage-based bonuses on equipment is already id*otic, why make it so utterly RNG based?

Half of the bonuses don't work properly. The percentages aren't set, meaning that you can get a 3% or a 5% crit chance, or a 4% bonus vs. skaven, or some other bullshit like that. You can actually re-roll into the exact same set of properties you got previously as well, and seeing as it's completely random, you could possibly NEVER get the set that you want.

Rolling needs two major changes. One, values need to be set. No more 3.5% atk speed, no more 4.7% vs. chaos. Bonuses vs. enemies are flat 10%, atk speed and crit are always 5%, etc. This should apply across every property on every piece of equipment.


Second, you should be able to lock-in one of your properties. I don't care if this means you can't change that property for that weapon after you do it, all I care about is that you lower the RNG significantly.

Finally, the last thing is that reds need to be craftable.

The best way to do this, is to make it so you upgrade an orange using a massive amount of scrap+red dust, or a similarly large amount of orange dust.

It's fine if the amount is large, or if there's some other element thrown in to make it more difficult to obtain them. Reds have their own unique illusions anyways, so there's reason to grind for more once you get the weapon you want anyways.

It's just really dumb that reds are so difficult to obtain. They're not that special, but it's absolutely unrealistic to expect anyone to play your game for 500 hours + just to get the top-end of gear, in a PVE experience like this. It's almost like they're trying to take a page out of an MMO's book or something?

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