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A talk about changing the skill system entirely

warhammer 6 - A talk about changing the skill system entirely

Will they consider completely changing how the skill system works? I've been wanting to ask this question since most of the careers seems like a copy of each other with minor tweaks.

Ex)Krubers Foot Knight and Bardins Iron Breaker have the same "charged attacks grant stamina recovery speed boost" skill

It also seems like most traits and damaging careers heavily rely on crit chance.

And not to mention, their Abilities feel like the same with only a minor boost of certain effects.

<AoE> WHC- AoE with crit chance MC- AoE with temp health IB-AoE with aggro and stamina boost UC-AoE with fire damage

<Dash> Zl-Dash with attack speed boost FK-Dash with stagger SL-Dash(?) with stagger and attack speed boost HM- Dash with bleed effect BW-Dash(?) With stagger and fire damage

<Projectile> BH-Bullet that pierces PM-Fireskull that travels WS-Three arrows that seeks

(Maybe Slayer should count in this category too)

<Stealth> RV-Invisibility with ranged weapon damage boost HM-Invisibility with ranged weapon damage boost and no ammo consumption SH-Invisibility with melee damage boost

By doing this, it sometimes feel like playing the same four characters even with having fifteen different careers.

Major Passive and the small 3 minor passives under also needs a change.

While some careers have a full 3 minor passives Shade for instance, only has one minor passive. I do not know the reasoning behind such a design but for me it seems like a waste of potential.

Personally, I wish they could go balls to the walls and create some insane and massive changes.

For example, give every careers two more abilities that are related to their characteristics, and gives those abilities a skill tree of their own.

Some careers with a learining curve would have a full 3 active ability, while easier careers will have 1 active and 2 passive ability.

Ex)Witch Hunter Captain

1.Duelist/Active) His composure allows him to dance like a holy butterfly and sting like a righteous bee.

This ability allows saltzpyre to swiftly dash foward and face his enemies behind. He has a total of 3 dashes and can be used repeatedly But the cooldowns are seperate so knowing when to use will be important. Additionally, blocking and dodging fills up a meter. Once the meter is full saltzpyre can perform a "Killing Shot". The meter resets once he performs an attack. The amount of meter saltzpyre gets depends on the weapon he uses and the force of the enemies attack (the amount of meter wont be the same with a slave rats overhead and a stormvermins overhead). His "Killing Shot" can be cancled by a stagger, push or grab. Duelist also Changes "Eternal Guard" to be able to parry gutter runners lunge(only frontal) but will cause him to lose all of his stamina.

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2.Hunter/Passive) His obsession has honed his knowledge of his enemies and his experience had sharpend his wits to exploit their weaknessess.

This ability will grants a radar around Saltzpyre.
Taggable enemies that are near a certain distance glow red(whichever color stands out) and can be seen throught objects but other players will not be able to see. Also, killed taggable enemies drops Researchable values(Globe parts,stormvermin helm,etc…) granting saltzpyre bonus damage towards certain types of enemies(Killing a Blighstormer and looting his book can grant a + 1.0 Vs infantry and chaos without having the properties in his charm). This bonus stacks and can grant a unique bonus for Saltzpyre when he researched enough. For example, researching over 5 Globadiers will give Saltzpyre a much wider radar for Globadiers and detect them through walls. The required numbers to get the unique effect will be different as elites are more common then specials.

3.Captain/Active) His newly granted status has given him the authority to command his commrads and set their priorities among the chaos of the battlefield.

Bonus damage now only affects Saltzpyres tag. But He gains the ability to protect downed allies by tagging them. This ability will either be a great debuffing tool or a great saving tool depending on ones awareness of the battlefield. Enemies affected by this tag ability will have their attack, speed and max health reduced. Downed allies affected by this tag ability will be granted a few seconds of invisibility and gains additional temporary health.

To summerize, This skill tree will make WHC a career that heavily emphasizes on spatial,situational awarene ss and perfectly timed attacks;when played right, he can save another players life in a dire situation by either instantly killing a chaos warrior or with his tag.

I believe by creating a skilltree that is vastly different from each other would actually benefit gameplay and essentially prevent the game from feeling repedetative.

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What do you guys think? Is it perfectly fine or is it time for a change? Feel free to talk about any agreements or disagreements in the comments below. I'm really interested if anybody else had the same idea or not.

I hope this post has given some food for thought for the sub and the devs. And as always, praise Sigmar{/o0o)/

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