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A very interesting and funny but infuriating encounter.

warhammer 9 - A very interesting and funny but infuriating encounter.

So me and my sister played veteran on Engines Of War. I was helping her level up so I created a new account and bought the game again. When we were just chilling, a random dude suddenly joined our game, keep in mind that this is veteran. The dude was level 35 Waystalker with Cata Border. At first I was like "Okay that is weird why is a level 35 just randomly joined a veteran difficulty game" the time of this session was like at a high peak for players who play on Legend+ there were a lot of games on the server browser that were on Legend difficulty and yet this guy decided to join our veteran game.

This guy's playstyle was one of those "farm the green circles" type where he would blatantly rush through the map and kill everything on sight but this guy was on another level it was extra dick-y where he would kill everything on the map and then constantly look back at us and tries to snipe the enemies we were killing. I understand the going for the green circles thing, If that's what makes you happy then do it I don't really care as long as your team is having fun and chillin, but this guy was just ruining our fun like he doesn't leave anything for us he just kills everything keep in mind that this is on Vet so he didn't even need to go full on try hard.

I didn't want to be a dick during that time and have my sister who is the host kick the guy so we just tried to ignore that nonsense and just play the game. We didn't want to set it on private also because we want to play with other people (decent ones).

So we just continued on playing the map when we were at the point where we have to put the 3 barrels on 3 different locations. Me and my sister were just chilling and managing the hordes pretty well and no one was really dying when suddenly this guy demanded that he 'needed' my CDR Potion. He typed in the chat: "Give me your Potion of Conc." he insisted that I give him my CDR Potion and kept spamming it in the chat…. So i gave him the potion, The funny thing is he quickly used it and he just randomly spammed his ult to a very very little to no horde while doing 360s and such, let me remind you that this was after we finished the barrel encounter and the horde's density was really low now where he kept on insisting that he need the Concentration potion like our lives depend on it.

So I asked him "Why did you need it?"

He said, "You guys were dying so I needed the potion to save you all"

I was so confused because at no point in the encounter where we were "DYING" and getting smoldered by the horde. And yet this guy quickly assumed that we were "DYING" (the guy is a level 35 with a Cata border).

So I was like, "What do you mean? we were doing fine"


But he kept on insisting that we were dying and needed his help.

I said, "Bro we were doing fine, we are on Veteran. Our power levels are high enough to handle vet pretty easily, Why did you join a veteran game anyways."

He replied "Whatever dude you guys needed my help especially ' just a normal girl' (which was my sister's ign at the time) "

My brain was like "Why would he specifically talk about my sister?" but I quickly shrugged it off and just ignored it until..

We were at the final encounter (The boat area) My sister typed in the chat something about not being able to cross the end portal even though we can jump over the water.

And this guy was like the freakin Flash of the way he quickly typed in the chat almost as if how a Tier 3 Sub quickly replies to their queen sort of thing.

Remember that weird play style he has that I was talking about, That I said that it was kinda extra dick-y, Well he kept on clinging onto Sienna which was my sister and he kept on looking at her character as if he is trying to protect her and watch over her or some shit.

And then it dawned on me, I realized that all of the stuff that he did, Why he joined a veteran game even though there were a lot of legend games (I assumed it was because my sister was the host and she had an IGN that normally a girl would have so I guess he saw that and said "OH SHIT ITS A GIRL" And quickly joined our game) , Why he had that weird stupid playstyle, Why he insisted that he was helping us because we were "DYING", Why he quickly simp- I mean replied to my sister is because he simply wanted to flex and impress her I'm 100% sure that's the reason why the guy was being so freaking weird and If not then the guy was just a total dick.

After the game the guy kept on chatting and chatting being interested in her and stuff so we decided to kick the guy and keep it on private for the meanwhile.

So after that experience I advised my sister to changed her IGN to something that people would assume that it's not a girl's name because I really don't want that to be the experience (where strangers who are interested in girls in online games that are constantly trying to impress them or flex on them to point that it gets weird) when she play this game or any other game for that matter and I'm sure she doesn't want that also.

An interesting encounter but an infuriating one because of the way the guy acted.

Just wanted to share that lol.

Sorry if I butchered some of my sentences, English is not really my first language.

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