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About Onslaught, Deathwish and higher challenges in general

warhammer 6 - About Onslaught, Deathwish and higher challenges in general

First of all I'm extremely grateful for Grim that he made these mods. I hope that Fatshark listens to the experienced community in this and either approves them, or better yet makes their own official modes for players to aspire to beat. Based on FoW it seems like they are interested in making more challenging content for this game. And being challenged is the most fun this game can offer.

Onslaught is great fun. Especially including elites in horde compositions and changing the events to be highlights of missions are the best parts of the mod for me. However as a minor nitpick the mode can also throw a huge number of disablers at you all at once like in FoW, and just like in FoW they are most often the source of wipes. Disablers are very binary compared to all other enemy types in the game, and can lead to some frustration. A much bigger gripe with this mod is the same that I personally have with certain deeds and super fast twitch integration..

There is no downtime. Like the name suggests, its a constant onslaught of enemies and it gets extremely mentally draining after a while, and at least I cannot play it for more than a few runs before being exhausted. I like some downtime in my games. It gives time to appreciate dialogue, visuals and you can "recharge" your concentration. It also makes the highs seem higher, whereas in a constant stream of enemies everything almost blends together.

So now we come to Deathwish. A lot of people seem to dislike it for increasing enemy hp and mass, and claims of "sponges" are thrown around a ton. But personally DW feels like Vermintide 1 Cataclysm. You need to headshot specials. Elites arent pushovers. All in all less is more here. At least for me it doesnt feel spongy at all, on the contrary. It feels right that I cannot cleave through half a horde with every swing, or that I need high damage weapons such as 2h axe to oneshot chaff enemies. Yet since the hordes are just chaff and events are still a joke, the mode is not nearly as challenging as Onslaught is. Even then its still the most enjoyable way for my group to play the game at the moment.

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So in conclusion what I'd love to see (hopefully as an official higher difficulty) would be a combination of parts of these two. The idea of improved hordes and events of Onslaught with the more dangerous enemies and downtime of DW. Or if nothing else, just approving them both.

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