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Greetings fellow Sigmarites!

As many of you, I too play MHW. Alot. It's the only game I've been playing since it released and I so far did not regret a second I spent in it. Love this game, despite it's port-flaws. Mainly because those don't affect my way of playing it that much.

But that's not what this is about. I have seen in many threads now and before it's release that people talk about how they will leave for MHW or how they did. It confused me a bit. It reminded me of those discussions when people find their MMO stale and wanna switch to the new upcoming thing. But, in this case, the games people talk about are at least in the same genre, even if different enough to warrant interest. In Vermintides and MHWs case, I fail to see that. Sure, if you squint really hard you may be able to find some similarities. Like loot. Or killing stuff. Or grinding. But on even the most superficial inspection after that you'll see that all the similar elements are handled so differently from one another, that it's hard to draw a proper comparison between those two games. Or this is what I think. Maybe I'm wrong and I'd like to know that if I am.


But maybe it's not the similarities of the game that made parts of the playerbase go from one game to the other. Maybe it's just that the Vermintide community is to frustrated with the current state of things and just happens to like MHW in vocal parts coincidentally. Because I have not seen mentions from people leaving for other games on mass like for Fortnite or whatever else is hyped and successful.

So what's your take? Why did you switch, if you did switch, from one game to the other? Were there things that MHW did flat-out better in your opinion? Scratching an itch that Vermintide maybe fails too? Or was it just coincidence that you happen to like both products for different reasons and now that MHW is released you switched for one reason or another? Maybe frustration for Vermintide? Excitement for MHW? A mixture of boths?

As for me, Vermintide became a bit stale for me and Fatshark doesn't seem to charming at the moment. And I have been itching for a Monster Hunter on a bigger screen than my 3DS for years now and never could get one because I do not own the respective consoles. So even if I still wanted to play Vermintide (which I do still, just not enough), I'd be hard pressed to fit it in my day alongside of MHW, which is just the most joyful timesink in a long while for me.

I'm very curious about your thoughts.

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