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Advice for starting Legend runs

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Hello guys.
Recently i have been playing a lot of legend and I found my self playing often with people new to legend. So here is some honest advice that will help you and your allies complete runs more often and help you learn to play on legend in a better fashion (and more quickly!) 🙂

So, here is the thing. When you start out on legend, you have to accept the fact that you're going to be one of the weaker players! You cannot go on to playing legend and think like you can carry games like back in champ and expose yourself all the time (trying to be a hero) because thats not going to work. STOP hunting those damn green circles, its not about kills, its not about damage. Ignore that fu*king score board pls, its stupid and doesnt tell if someone is skilled or not..!!!!!!


The best way to learn legend is by starting with a very conservative style. Block more often than necessary. Make sure you take least damage rather than prioritizing on damage output. If you are not sure wether you can get one more attack off before the CW hits you and you have to parry, then decide to parry instead of going for that hit. Stuff like that. Be careful, be conservative. You will learn it eventually, just be patient with yourself. You dont have to be a hero..
Stick to your allies! If you find yourself playing with some experienced legend players, follow THEM around (not the other way around), try to immitate their gameplay.. keep in mind you dont have to carry the game, you can let others carry you if you let them (this way you will learn the most about how others handle certain situations in the games). Not only are these advices helping you to improve on your legend games, its also about repecting other people. Remember, you are not alone. It is a teamgame and it is the highest difficulty, so you will encounter many people trying to play at their very best. Please be respectful of that and always take into consideration that you not only risk your own gameprogress by running off (or something like that) but you also risk others gameprogress. You dont have to run at the front of your team and shooting every enemy you can see(and therefore risking triggering pats or roaming enemys, also risking going for dropdowns too early when the other players would rather wait for the horde first before dropping down somewhere). Follow them, dont run at the front! Ask people if you are not sure on why they want to wait somewhere or why they want to fight somewhere else when a horde is coming. Best way to do so is voice chat, it helps ALOT. Listen to other people! If you know that you are new to legend, then accept that there are more experienced players out there who play legend and LISTEN to them. Most people will be really nice to you if you dont try to run off hunting those green circles. ESPECIALLY be careful not to trigger patrols. If you see a marauder in the far distance, realize that he is not a threat yet. you have time to figure out wether it is a marauder roaming alone or if it is part of a patrol (and by forgetting about the scoreboard you dont have to shoot it instantly to get the kill for yourself). By far most legend runs are ended because a patrol is triggered during/at a very bad situating/position.
Most importantly, be nice to people and enjoy the game!

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have fun

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