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An attempt at constructive feedback and issues I’ve encountered during my playtime.

maxresdefault 1024x576 - An attempt at constructive feedback and issues I've encountered during my playtime.

Have been told if I want anyone to notice I should create a post myself, so here goes

So, let me preface this saying that I've played this game 710 hours by now, virtually all of it on legend

and basically all of it enjoying my time a lot.

I'll try to keep it as structured as possible but this is basically a list of thoughts I have about the game.

  • I feel like the only way I can play quickplay is if I host myself, which is because imo its unreasonable that progress can just be aborted just because the original host leaves.
  • For legend and especially vanguard deeds some weapons are pool noodles instead of weapons.
  • In all this time I've had 3 negative quick play experiences, 1 verbal abuse and 2 cases of friendly fire. The verbal abuse guy was able to immediately rejoin after being kicked, and the game didn't save that I muted him.
  • The fact that I have to go to modded realm just to see what a weapon actually does in terms of damage drives me insane
  • It took me 690 hours with around 50% kerillian play time to get red daggers.
  • The way quick play chooses the map (which apparently favors maps you fail often) doesn't make any sense to me.
  • I get most enjoyment out of doing deeds, but I basically have to cycle ppl from quick play to see if they have any. I don't get enough through boxes.
  • There is propably a reason to not be able to join in progress deeds, but its stupid that my friends can't join a deed I'm running. Same goes for it completely cancelling when Rando McRandomguy dies and thinks he was the sole pillar of success in the group
  • I get you think rng is required for longevity of the game, but if I have to reroll a weapon 150 times and have the resources, do you think its good for the game if I have to spend 30minutes, have to mouseover to see stats and right click the item back in the slot, then wait for the (after a while super annoying) animation to finish?
  • In my last session at the very end of a deed it said something along the lines of "Game doesn't agree that you did the deed legitimately", closed the game and neither my friend, me or I assume the two random ppl got any loot from it. I have never cheated in a game and have not changed anything in that match compared to the deeds I did in that session right before, or any of the other hundreds of hours.
  • Unskilled ranged play needs to be toned down in my opinion, only requiring bodyshots to mow through everything is too easy and not fun.
  • Still plenty of issues with audio queues for specials and/or specials spawning right behind me and instantly disabling
  • I had a roger start an overhead animation on me, then do a 180 and finish that animation on someone else, no ults to stagger him during it to disguise the target switch. Don't know if the other guy heard an audio queue though.
  • Talent trees bascially are no trees but a line. I would love there to be options that focus on offense or defense for example. At the moment there are almost no actual options, almost every tier for every champion has one objectively better choice regardless of playstyle.
  • Precision strikes, or however the system is now called, NEEDS to leave or be an optional thing you can deactivate. Its so blatantly bad and messing up any weapon that has it. I can see what you try to do, but the result is so bad that every weapon would be better without it. Also its way more fun if you have to angle your weapon strike correctly.
  • I don't like the giant forced zoom for longbow
  • As far as I know if you get hit while shotgunning as beamstaff you still get forcibly switched to beam explosion.


This is all I can think of right now, and is in no particular order. Otherwise precision strikes would be so high it would be in another post above this one.

Hope you keep improving the game.

On a side note, I personally think that having a random weekly quest would be a good addition, doesn't have to be anything special but rather just something that gives ppl an arbitrary goal. Could even be upscaled numbers from the daily one if you really don't want to do something different.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good day (or timezone appropriate equivalent)

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