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An Idea about Loot

warhammer 7 - An Idea about Loot

So, one major problem that VT has when it comes to loot – Jsat pointed it out in his last youtube video (of him and Grim doing Halescourge in Onslaught mod), which is that finales can't be too hard, because players would hate to make it all the way to the end and then wipe, losing all their progress.

This gave me a thought; split maps (roughly) into thirds (within the game's calculations, not a literal split you'd see in-game). If you fail, you still get a chest, but it's a damaged chest. If you make it (roughly) 1/3 through the map, you get a chest with 1 item. If you make it 2/3 of the way, you get one with 2 items. If you beat it, you get a chest with all three items. You could take into account loot dice (but not grims/tomes) that you've gotten until then. On Legend, this would give even failed runs that made it SOMEWHERE a chance to get people their coveted reds, while still giving incentive to win with tomes and grims (since they'll vastly boost the odds of getting a red). It will also encourage more people to try moving into new difficulties and thus improving their skills – people are often afraid to leave Champ, because they've got it on lockdown for grinding, and don't want to go from a 95% success rate to a 30% success rate in Legend. Yes, it might lead to really bad players trying Legend, but if they can't even make it a third of the way, then they're not getting anything, anyway. And even the worst players WILL start to improve by facing more challenge.

The only major downside is that we'd need even more varieties of chests (And I feel we kinda have too many to begin with), but I can imagine there's an elegant solution to this.

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The game shouldn't be stressing "win at all costs", but "fight to improve your skills" and "have fun". Lessening the loss of, well, a loss, is one way to keep players interested and less salty when they fail a run.


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