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I'm relatively new to vermintide. I never picked up V1 because, honestly, no one I was gaming with was interested. Recently however, a friend and I decided to go for it after one of his buddies gave us some feedback. Long story short, were in love.

My biggest fear was quickplay. With every other game I've played, coming from a competitive FPS background, randos were almost always insanely toxic, unwilling to play as a team, or a large combination of both. Weve had a few negative experiences, including one with a guy named recovering thrower who charged headlong into a large armored pat during a horde then quit the instant he died, but I'm shocked to say that most randos are team focused and not douchebags.


Annyway, the reason I made this post is specifically because of an experience from last night. We were running champs as a four man que and were running from the final tome to the bridge on Halescourge. We cleared mobs around the bridge, and as we were making our final push to it with full books one of our buddies dcs. We had a random fill in and instinctively tried to vote kick to get our buddy back in, but vote kick is blocked. We gave up, expecting this guy to refuse to leave since he just got a free 3-2 win for nothing. I decided to type in chat, "hey buddy, do you mind leaving? Our friend dc'd a few seconds ago and were trying to get him back in to finish." I was waiting for either a "no lol" or just no reply, but a few seconds later he just says "oh for sure, have fun guys!" And leaves. I was floored. I've never played a game that's this popular that has such a friendly community, you usually only see this with very very small communities. Im not sure what it is about vermintide that allows for such comraderie in quickplays, but I just wanted to thank everyone that is like that dude. I also wanted to thank the subreddit for being so welcoming to new players. I've been lurking and popping into threads of new players asking for help, and im always learning something new.

You guys are great. Especially for lumberfoots.

Sincerely, MLG Kerillian Main

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