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Another example Why this game needs Dedicated servers

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(yeah this is another one of those posts)

Today I had an experience that has deeply disturbed the way I feel about my fellow slayers of rats and other creatures undeserving of Sigmar's light. Bear with me on this short story.

Mercenary Kruber was ready for some fine legendary slaughter, so a lobby was joined. Ranald willed it that we should cleanse the fields around Ussingen and rescue some poor folk in Morgensloft (you know what I'm talking about). One of my comrades in arms was a small colorful painted fellow that swung two axes around like there's no tomorrow. Which is propably the case. Anyhow. He seemed very eager to be on his way and soon vanished in the grain fields. The rest of us had quite some trouble matching his speed and soon he was only to be seen as a silhouette on the horizon. We called on him to please not leave us because the day was too beautiful to let someone die on his own. Alas our cries went unheard.

The fellow fought valiantly but mostly out of our reach. It seemed he did not want to die but would not accept our team effort either. Hidden behind a barn he found a grimoire most potent. It seemed to give him even more speed so he made of alone on his incredible fast boots and the last thing we saw of him was a red outline of him two districts farther into the farm. His book could not keep him alive and was lost. The dwarf itself was captured by vermin, but though a concentrated team effort we were able to save him from a most terrible fate. The loss of his book was not a good thing so I made my opinion on teamwork clear again. As the soldier was not accepting of the idea, the conversation got a little harsher.

At this point the rest of the team tried to cancel the contract with the fellow, but we quickly had to learn that we were in his dominion and could not get rid of him without sacrificing the loot (and the poor souls we tried to rescue of course). So we fought on grudgingly and carried on to bring our legendary mission to an end.

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My words seemed to have hurt our axe swinging comrade because he tried in turn to cancel my contract (which, of course, only good Saltzy could do). The other team mates were not accepting of premature contract cancelling and voted against it.


The discussion seemed to be over and we carried on. We freed the prisoners and slaughtered our way through the farms. We reached Oleysa's saving bubble but we were surprised. Instead of getting out of there, collecting our loot and bathing in the praise of the people we saved (yeah as if…) the dwarf wanted to stay. My words, or maybe the loss of his precious grim, must have hurt him deeply. He demanded that my contract be cancelled or else he would not allow us to leave. The other three fourth on the team thought of this as a rather unfair proposal. In reaction to this the dwarf ran of again, as seemed to be his habit. Although this time he ran in the wrong direction. Back into the farms. The rest of the team, standing in a saving bubble, were unsure what to make of this. Should we just wait for the dwarf to die and get out? Not that we usually leave comrades behind, but the dwarf clearly seemed to have gone suicidal.

But he did not want to die, merely to vent his anger on oncoming hordes. We watched him for close to 15 minutes, but still he would not come with us, as long as I was part of the team. No amount of diplomacy or apology could sway him. We were stuck with him. Heavy hearted we made the decision to end his contract in a most unhonorable way. We unloaded our weapons on him. The sight of the burning fields of Ussingen had finally driven us to madness. Sigmar forgive us. But we quickly learned what power our former dwarfen comrade possessed. As this was his dominion he let the world explode on his death. No one was saved, no loot was gathered. No one won.

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It makes me question the decision to let one indivdual have such terrible power. Loads of time and effort were wasted in this. No one got any satisfaction. Not even the dwarf I think. So please, my fellow soldiers, let us pray that soon only Sigmar himself will hold dominion over this lands.

tldr: Without dedicated servers the host has too much power over the game. As*hole hosts can ruin the experience for everyone in the mission.

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