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Another “I’m done playing Vermintide” Post

warhammer 8 - Another "I'm done playing Vermintide" Post

so i've actually made a post like this before, but that was more to do with me not being able to physically play the game because of how it was running on my computer. i later resolved that issue, but now after all that's happened i think i'm comfortable enough to say that i don't think the game is going to get much better from here, and i'd like to talk about it.

what follows is the same schmaltz that you've probably read on a bunch of these types of posts before, so i'm gonna divide the gushy stuff and the technical stuff for an easier read.


gushy stuff

to start off, i'm usually a pretty optimistic person. when something goes wrong, it's usually easier for me to think "well, it can't really get worse, so it must get better" than anything else; so when i say that i don't think this game is going to get any better, keep that in mind.

i had a spectacular time playing this game, and i think it's one of my favorites. it was fun, addicting, satisfying, and overall just looked pretty damn slick. i enjoyed the writing, the art direction, and that godly music more than i have out of most other games. it's rare when you can get that combination of good gameplay mixed with a kickass, simple story.

that said, i've always had problems with the game that persist today, most of which started during the WoM beta which i was allowed to be a part of, which can segue us into…


technical stuff

WoM received probably the most negativity out of any patch the game has gotten so far, and that mostly had to do with the combat changes they introduced. during the beta there was a lot of confusion on the forums as to how the new stagger system worked, and plenty of people who said they were dropping the game, just like there are here.


change isn't always fun, especially when you aren't really expecting it. i might be wrong here, but i don't remember hearing much at all about fatshark changing up the combat for WoM, and only heard of it when i was allowed in the beta. on one hand there are people who think that the combat changes were needed to make the game feel hard again, and then there are people who think that all the game really needed was cataclysm, and more maps.

whatever side you lean more towards, i think what's important here is that no one was really expecting the game to have changed this much, and obviously there are a good number of people who don't think this level of change was necessary. on top of everything else, i've noticed the game is significantly more sluggish, and any network/host issues that there once were seem to keep reappearing every new patch that comes out.

since WoM is still fairly new, it's probably too early to see if this affected the overall average player count compared to what there was before, but i have a feeling the result in a few months won't be too good.



i wish i spent more time playing the game in the state it was in. i can't describe how good it felt to play something i was actually good at. i could learn the new system, and adjust to having to play slower on certain characters i never had to before, or i could just move on and try something else. i hate that beastmen are busted, and i hate that there are so many people like me that are fed up with what was seriously an amazing game, but there's always going to be something else.

OPXiLJj - Another "I'm done playing Vermintide" Post


hey, i actually kept my post short(ish) this time


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