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Another temp HP discussion

warhammer 6 - Another temp HP discussion
  1. HP on cleave right now: 1 HP on 2 enemies, 2 on 3, 3 on 4, 5 on 5. Fine if horde stacked, mediocre during ambush and if you use one handed weapon and try to position yourself to fight small groups with dodge instead of facetanking with exesword or pick or somemthing SLOW AND BORING like 2H weapons. Also bad since on most weapons you need to hit 6 targets instead of 5, cause first will most likely die and give you nothing (cleave-kill doesnt count for some reason, only cleave damage)

  2. HP on KILL. Awful. You have to killsteal those CW/SV/Zerkers to get something, good luck with that when everyone uses their handguns, picks, shade ult, etc to get rid of elite as fast as they can. Its also AWFUL during hordes – your HP gain is non-existent. Garbage talents that need A LOT of buffs. For example – HP for every dead enemy you DAMAGED+temp HP for taggable enemies doesnt go away with time

  3. HP of headshot/crit. Works with rapier, spear, dual swords and 1h swords (including falchion in this cathegory), otherwise its BAD. Poor shade has to use autocrit dual swords to gain some HP fighting horde (since HP on kill, her other option is garbo), thats just sad. (even if dual swords OP the fact that you are forced to use it forever is bad, until HP on kill gets buff of course).

  4. HP on stagger, 1 hp for every enemy pushed basically, with no limit in numbers. Best HP talent, works great on squishy careers like Ranger and BW, OP on immortal fatboys like IB and Unchained. Honestly I like the mechanic even if its VERY STRONG (In the end we want fun games and crazy combacks, right?), but IF this was an attempt to force players use shields than lets be real. No GOOD legend player will use shield (unless its premade or he want memes, oro both) only to get those sweet staggers because you can just push with 1H hammer for same effect without loosing 99% of your movespeed and still keep your 3 effective dodges. But please dont go BORING way, dont remove hp on push so people would HAVE to use shield slams and be SAD SLOW TURTLES with shield or flame sword). Lets just buff other talents aight?


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