Warhammer: Vermintide

Another ‘where did the players go’ for awareness

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So yet again yesterday I played during peak hours and yet again it was really hard to find games for Legend and even filling quickplay games of lower difficulty. Something I never had a problem with before the patch dropped. People would argue that players have been leaving, lack of interest and so on. True, but if you check here

It literally went from having 0-1 Legend games listed to that. Tried playing and the games have no lag, so all is fine in that department. So these games should be listed for me and others when their ping is more than fine to play with so there's definitive something wrong.


My guess would be that somehow region games outside your region have been blocked or just wriggled around wrong in terms of connectivity to them. So for anyone having this problem, I would suggest setting your Steam download location to Germany – Frankfurt for now till there's a proper fix for this.

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