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Anti-Special Shade Build for Fortunes of War (Breakpoints Included)

warhammer 2 - Anti-Special Shade Build for Fortunes of War (Breakpoints Included)

————————————–Relevant for Patch 1.4.1————————————–
Shade is used often in Fortunes of War (FoW) and for good reason. Many employ her as a boss & chaos warrior killer, but she is also amazing at anti-special with a longbow, the right power distribution, and the level 25 talent Shadowhunter (firing ranged weapon doesn't break stealth). Not taking Shadespirit (-30% CD) makes her less of a boss & chaos warrior killer, but the #1 thing that causes runs to fail are players being grabbed and obliterated during the waves of disablers. This build is worth trying if you have found yourself frustrated by packmasters in the later waves.

There are no grims in FoW, so Shade misses out on her 15% power boost and her usual build/breakpoints need to be adjusted. FoW also can put too much pressure on players to take their time aiming, so these breakpoints were sought with bodyshots in mind.

If you absolutely love your attack speed you can either sacrifice 20% dodge distance by changing your level 5 talent, or loose the vs chaos on the charm. I highly recommend giving up vs chaos power instead of the vs skaven because the chaos specials are by far the easier to deal with, and because the packmaster is the pact-sworn MVP of FoW.



Weapon Property 1 Property 2 Trait
Sword & Dagger +5% Crit Chance +5% Attack Speed Swift Slaying
Longbow +10% vs Infantry +10% vs Skaven Conservative Shooter
Necklace +30% Block Cost Reduction +20% Health Boon of Shallaya
Charm +10% vs Chaos +10% vs Skaven Decanter
Trinket +5% Crit Chance +10% Cooldown Reduction Shrapnel


Enemy Combos
Stormvermin 2x Charged
Mauler 3x Charge
Mauler 1x Charge Crit
Plague Monk 2x Light
Weapon Rats 2x Charged
Gutter Runner 1x Charge
Globadier 1x Charge, 1x Light
Chaos Sorcerers 1x Charge, 1x Light
Packmaster 1x Charge, 1x Light
Packmaster 3x Light
Packmaster 2x Light Headshot
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Adjusting the build for other game modes
With a +15% power talent you can trade out the vs Chaos for +5% attack speed, or you can keep it and hit a few other breakpoints with +35% power (follow the below link). The Longbow & Charm part of the build can be used into other non-15% power boosted elf builds/Waystalker. Going for a hard anti-boss build you could put 10% vs monsters & 20% crit power on the charm and still hit the packmaster breakpoints.

Link to narrowed longbow breakpoints spreadsheet (ala Doomhamster format).

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