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Anyone else having trouble with Convocation of Decay final patrol spot?

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 09 ps4 us 26oct15 1024x576 - Anyone else having trouble with Convocation of Decay final patrol spot?

The last patrol spot on CoD has broken quite a few of my Legend runs recently, and it feels to me like something's been changed. If you're not sure which one I'm talking about, it starts on the ledge above where most of the last healing items spawn, and patrols up the spot where you drop down, and round past the small mausoleum where you pick up a tome, and over the fence. This patrol has always been there, but something feels different, because you used to be see it coming and avoid it *before* dropping down.


I'm not 100% sure, but I think what has happened is that it now only spawns the patrol after dropping, which means you're almost certainly trapped. Moving along the ledge triggers it definitely, and it'll reach you if you wait at the drop down. The only thing I haven't tried strategy-wise is to drop onto the much lower ledge to avoid it? But beside that, it seems like if you're not carrying enough bombs still to instantly detonate it, you're in a lot of trouble since the director also loves spawning hordes at that point.

Would love to hear any suggestions for avoiding it, and if anyone else has noticed it being a bigger problem than it used to be since like, a couple of patches ago?

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