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Anyone else think melee weapons need a major balance pass?

maxresdefault 1024x576 - Anyone else think melee weapons need a major balance pass?

what i wanna get out and say is that weapons should be balanced against the game, not just each other. for example, the glaive is a big fast elven axething, it should have speed and power, but not as much cleave or reach. a 2h sword, on the other hand, should have more cleave and reach but not as much speed (similar power, though). a dagger, for something totally different, should have a ridiculous amount of speed and good single target power but effectively no cleave or reach. there's way more to consider when you include armor types and personal defenses but ultimately the point is the same: they should all be effective at the aspect of the game they are meant to be employed against. a dagger should have almost no defense, but be able to cut single targets of all shapes and sizes to ribbons while a 2h sword should be able to hit a bunch of rats in one swing but still able to parry effectively. each weapon should be pulled into its own niche so that it's not a question of "what's good?" but "what do i want to do?"

take the spear for example. it should be good at just about everything, offensively and defensively, with the exception of cleave, which it should utterly fail at. yet, it's an all rounder, even for cleave. as is, most weapons seem as if they are too homogenized like they all are built to try and do everything and anything when in reality that is what is causing the balance problems (imo anyway). a dagger should be able to do stupid amounts of single target damage (even relative to a miniboss or chaos warriors) whereas a 2h sword would not but could deal with multiple targets at once. for single target encounters, a dagger (or other similar weaponry) should be the epitome of efficiency. instead, it's usually some 2h weapon with daggers and other one handed weaponry being left in the dust. i think what needs to change is how similar everything is to each other. i couldn't even give you a reason to use the dual daggers over the dual swords cuz their damage just isn't there but the swords get cleave and reach.


now, that's not to say i think there shouldn't be all rounder weapons, just that they should not outshine any specialized weaponry at what it specializes in. like, a 1h sword should be an all rounder between reach cleave damage and speed (also defenses) and other 1h weapons, like the mace and axe, spreading out from being just an all rounder into a mini-niche of their own. all the weapons should be treated like that until you get to the super weird shit like the pickaxe or the flail which ought to be highly specialized (pickaxe for single target armor, flail for armor and shields

PS: stabbing is good against armor, slashing is not. there's a handful of pokey shit which should hit way harder than they do. yer not just swinging weapons at things, you also have to factor a person's strength in to how effective something is in their hands.

tl;dr (cuz holy shit i talked a lot): weapons need to be balanced for their role in the game, not just against other weapons. they're all too similar in function to each other and in reality they wouldn't be, even with shit that fills a similar role like the glaive vs the executioner's sword.

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