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As Fatshark is delivering a great BBB so far, I really think Chain Reaction should be turned into a real chain reaction.

warhammer 5 - As Fatshark is delivering a great BBB so far, I really think Chain Reaction should be turned into a real chain reaction.

I think it's a fine talent, but I put emphasize on fine, but with that being said it just get's outclassed to easily. With fire aura I've noticed it's been pretty fun, but still not that desirable beyond the "fun" of it. It is really only making a huge difference on skaven slaves, and even then it's not either proc'ing enough, or simply doesn't do enough damage.

There's a few options between changes I think could help but I want to see what the rest of this community has for ideas!

  1. Damage increase. Since it proc's reasonably often but not reliably a damage increase could be really nice, and it would make things such as the flamethrower suddenly feel a little more impactful.
  2. Stagger increase, with proc increase. A potential for a stagger on AoE? That would be nice, now, too much stagger obviously would make it a little bit strong and would ruin the idea of the conflag, but you simply tailor it to be able to stagger elites, just not during overheads. I think that could be a nice little addition, still, not my favourite idea.
  3. A real chain reaction. While I think the current explosion probably can proc more explosions (due to it being fire and all), it's already such a low chance it doesn't happen in a significant or noticeable way. Why not make it so each explosion after the first has a higher chance of explosion? While that's not particularly reliable it, with the new crit calculation that BBB is introducing Fatshark could use the same math so you don't have periods of extreme chain reactions compared to none. This could be a serious blast, and even if you don't raise damage, you'd have an enjoyable way to supplement the builds that have less cleave. If you run bolt staff you don't have a huge amount in the way of horde-cleave attacks, while the charged bolts do cleave it's not exactly a huge angle. With that you could make the sparks actually useful by allowing them to potentially proc this chain reaction into reasonable levels of AoE fire. Plus, you can tailor it so that if Fatshark wants more chain reactions, you just have them deal less damage as they gone on to prevent massive chain explosions, or you just have less explosion chances with remaining damage.

I understand it's only a small talent, and I don't want to suggest it being a game changing talent, but something in the way of variation would be lovely to see, and right now it feels like 15% attack speed is too useful not to grab. Although, little side note, the new version of Searing Grasp actually isn't too bad.

Anyways, let me know what ideas you might have for this. I know it's pretty niche, considering Sienna is the least played career, paired with one talent from one of her careers, but I'm sure some people have ideas.

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