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As much as I like the DLC Missions…

warhammer 5 - As much as I like the DLC Missions...

Hoy boy are these things rough. If you needed any more proof that V2 enemy design is vastly different than V1 then look no further than some of the clusterfu*ks that happen on the BtU maps. I'd go as far to say that some of the V2 enemies are incompatible with V1's maps.

So, for reference, I play Legend in V2 and could solo cata V1 maps. I know all the V1 maps by heart, and how to appropriately respond to threats while on those maps. I know the locations that are safe to hold, the locations of spawn points, I know what walls to hug and how to skip sections of the map with precision jumps.

And I just got absolutely destroyed on Gardens of Morr on fricking champion. Hoards spawned every single section, slaves clipping into each other in a rush to murder me. Shield Stormvermin blocked key areas while the polearm vermin got off free overheads, and every single special spawn came as a 3 at a time rush. Which is brutal considering how many wall spots on Morr are jumpable by the Skaven, allowing them to perpetually flank you. Then I got to the finale, the acid damage was doubled from V1, and the mixed forces of Chaos/Skaven finally finished me off after I'd broken the final chain but couldn't fight my way out to the door.


I know, I know, Git Gud. But the thing is that I'm actually pretty good at this game already, well enough to beat Skittergate Legend at least, and so its really frustrating to run into this wild jump in difficulty. I know that the 4th map is even harder than the previous 3, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to unlock it.

I only get an hour or two a night to play, which amounts to about 3 maps. My friends are online inconsistently, so I often solo and wait for people to join in. However, the DLC blocker (recently replaced by fatshark) prevents most people from simply joining into my game. This leaves me with nothing but bots, and I should mention my legend-proof carefully equipped bots that got shanked so fast on Gardens that I was practically soloing the whole time. And this was on Champion, not even legend.

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Is this just me, or are these DLC missions really fricking hard?

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