Warhammer: Vermintide

As Ranger Veteran, Bile Troll boss walls are the worst.

chivalry banner cu2p1 1024x576 - As Ranger Veteran, Bile Troll boss walls are the worst.

Always with the Bile Trolls. As a Ranger Veteran player, keeping enemies at a distance and being able to go invisible for 14 seconds, I tend to survive really well when things go south. I keep good escape routes and can even get out of being cornered with the ult. On pub runs, I can often be the last one alive when things get really bad.

I also find Bile Trolls to be the hardest boss for most people to deal with often times. All but one attack still damages through block, so you need to learn to dodge him well. His bile will likely deal damage or outright get you killed if you're hit directly with it. He also heals like a motherfu*ker on Legend and a horde will likely show up since it can take longer to kill him. Ideally, I would handle the horde since at best I negate his healing with my damage output. So I find he's the hardest boss in pub runs.


So as a Ranger Veteran, what can I really do about the occasional situation of a Bile Troll wiping the team? I can't fight it, it heals faster than I can deal damage. Okay, well he's fast enough to catch up but still fairly slow. I can just run for my teammates. Ranger Veteran excels at running the hell away and saving his teammates!

Oh wait, there's a boss wall. COOL! Guess I'll just die then! It's nice to know that, when this mothefu*ker shows up, I can't even do the one thing I'm best at to combat it. Thanks for getting rid of that option.

TL;DR Boss walls suck for Ranger Veteran because he can't even save his teammates to help kill an invincible Bile Troll. It's simply game over.

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