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Aspiring Huntsman Seeks Career Change from “Legend Team Punching Bag”

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Alright, 627 hours in, full 30 team, Bardin main – Kruber 2nd. Stockpiling gear to the point of multiple red necklaces/charms/trinkets for builds.

I've got Merc and FK's Legend skins already, and I've been grinding for Huntsman's but my W/L ratio is horrendous as this class. Here's my loadout.

Halberd – Orange – Crit% / Atk Spd – Swift Slaying Soldier's Bow – Orange – Crit% / vs Armor – Scrounger Necklace – Red – Hp / Stamina – Heal Dupe 20% Charm – Red – vs Skaven / vs Armor – Duration +50% Trinket – Red – Cooldown Reduction / Crit Chance

Talents: On Target (Spread -20%), Make 'em Bleed (Crit Damage up), Makin' It Look Easy (Headshots= Crit% Up), Obligatory Temp HP on Kill, Blend In (-30% Ult Cooldown)

I know the light>block>repeat and block>push-attack>light combos for halberd, and I know the bow's charge-timing-for-damage trick, and while I'm capable of offing Stormvermin with a body shot, and CW with ult+charge-timed body shots, I find myself getting surrounded too often.


Staying at distance to get good shots at elites? Horde comes in behind me while aiming and team is hugtanking the front horde. Back against the wall? Specials swoop in and put me down while said team is hugtanking. Offer to put some pressure off the team with piercing shots through hordes, or run forward to them as I see stuff approaching behind? Please keep ignoring the situation demanding positioning, you're getting so many hugs in guys. And don't worry about the boss while I keep hitting him, I'm sure I can keep firing/conc potting while the hordes come in and the boss aggro comes to me, surely Sir Kruber can do crowd control AND boss kill at once!

What are some tips fellow Hunstman players can offer, as I struggle to keep myself alive? Even the weak hits at full health and a 20% necklace cripple my paper mache body.

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