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Assorted Bug Reports

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The devs read this place, right? I hit my post limit for the day (20 apparently…) in the bug report forums, and I've still got more to go, so fu*kit, I'll just put them here (you're WELCOME by the way).

Being flung by Chaos Vortex enables all races to enter the Early Dwarf Space Program

Being flung by a Blightstormer's Vortex spell can trigger the same effect as the Slayer Leaping into a ramp, as per this bug report here:

Now all races can contribute to space exploration, and soon, The Warp.

Against the Grain – Mobs spawn on top of ledge before final barn

During the final event of Against the Grain, on the ledge leading into the final barn (where the Ratling Gunner always appears), mobs will often spawn on top of players who are standing up there (might require someone to be on the ground floor to happen).

Barkskin has no effect icon

No icon appears at the bottom left when the Barkskin Necklace Trait has activated

Swift Slaying has no effect icon

No icon appears at the bottom left when the Swift Slaying Melee Trait has activated.

Salvaging N+1 items from the last page will freeze the Crafting Screen

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the "Salvage" Crafting Screen
  2. Go to the last page
  3. Have 8 or less items visible on that last page (Salvage some shit if you have too many visible there)
  4. Pick 9 items to salvage (i.e. more items than the number of items visible on the last page)
  5. Make sure the last page is the currently opened one (in case you swapped to another page to pick what to salvage…)
  6. Burn baby burn

The Forge thing will fall down, but won't go back up.


The workaround is to simply switch to another page, and it will fix itself.

Bardin – 2H Hammer triggers two 'hits'

I had an entire run where when I used Bardin's 2H Hammer to kill a Clanrat (the clothed ones), it caused 2 audio 'hits' to occur. I've been using the 2H Hammer throughout pretty much the whole Beta and this never happened until this one run. Nothing particularly remarkable should have caused this.

At any rate, when I hit a Clanrat with an overhead swing, it would hit and damage the rat, and play the thunk sound. A split second later, I would get a second thunk sound and the rat's head would explode. It didn't happen every time, but it always caused an exploding head when it happened.

Bardin-bot doesn't give ammo drops

When an AI is playing Ranger Bardin, the party doesn't benefit from his ammo drops. I assume this is also the case for other shared group effects when an AI is playing them. Seems a bit inconsistent. Not sure if its due to wanting to avoid exploits, but I'm not sure how players could. Bots are nowhere near as useful as a real human (well, most of them) behind the character, so you're already hamstringing yourself by relying on a bot in the first place.

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