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[Autohotkey Macro] Sharing my SPAM attack and SPAM CHARGED attack macro’s.

chivalry screenshot1 - [Autohotkey Macro] Sharing my SPAM attack and SPAM CHARGED attack macro's.


I am running with 2 macros that make my life as a Slayer much more enjoyable and less stressful, so I thought I would share it.

For this you need a program called Autohotkey. This is not a hack or a cheat. This program does nothing else than simulate clicks the way you tell it. After downloading create a new text document, paste in the macro, save it as any name but just add the ending .ahkThen you just right click and select run script.

I am not a programmer and I found these macros in other contexts, and modified them, so I'm not surprised if someone finds a more effective way to write the macros but either way they work perfect.

Macro 1: Spam normal attack. When i press the scroll wheel the auto-attack starts, and when I press it again it stops.You can change the assigned hotkey by changing "Mbutton::". List of key names can be found: https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm

#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2 MButton:: Toggle := !Toggle loop { If not Toggle break Click sleep 100 } return 

Macro 2: Spam charged attackThis macro is activated/turned off with mousebutton 4 on the side. This macro requires some more tinkering, because the timings depend on what weapon you are using. The below configuration works perfect for Bardin two handed hammer. There are just 2 values that you need to try editing. The first "800" (0.8 sec) is how long the mouse button is held down, and the next "200" is a pause before beginning the next attack. Without the pause it won't work well, missing charge hits and doing normal hits instead.

Xbutton2::SetTimer, aLoop, % (on:=!on) ? "50" : "Off" aLoop: Click d Sleep, 800 Click u sleep 200 return 

I would like to invite discussion on wether you guys think this is cheating or not.

GL and HF

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