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Balance: The Less Obvious Changes

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Currently, balance is very much in a state where basically everything is usable, but quite a long way from "Actually Balanced". Related to that, could we please not dismiss balance discussions by just saying "well everything is usable"? It's super unhelpful. Balance is supposed to be an ongoing process and we shouldn't be satisfied with "well, I guess everything is at least usable". I mean, there are people who beat Dark Souls 2 using nothing but the Ladle, does that mean that the kitchen utensil, which was a joke by the developers, is actually good? No, obviously not. Usable != balanced/good.

But anyway, that's not what this post is about.

We all know about the really obvious stuff that needs looking at. Everybody knows about the Wigglemancer, everybody knows that Crossbow on Booty Hunter is insane, everybody knows 2h Hammer is awful.

But what about the smaller things that don't get mentioned very often? I'd be interested in hearing what people think.


I'll get the ball rolling with the 1h Axe, a weapon that taken as a whole, is a very good weapon. This weapon breaks one of my personal Balance Tenets™: All attacks on any weapon must have a purpose and be useful. The issue is, that while the light attacks and push-strikes are good attacks, the Charged attack is pointless. It is way slower than the regular light attack, has zero cleave (as opposed to the small amount the light attack gets), but it barely does any more damage than the light. As such, there is virtually no situation where you wouldn't be better off just using the light attack.

The simple, and probably most logical, fix to this would be to simply increase the damage. Some people might not like this because it would essentially be a buff to a weapon that is already powerful, but in my mind, it is simply not acceptable to have a useless attack on the weapon. Besides, I doubt it would actually change it's place in the imaginary power ranking. It would just mean that you would be doing more than light attacking and push striking into hordes.

Anyways, your turn.

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