Warhammer: Vermintide

Bardin no longer crits on his ultimate – why?

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 09 ps4 us 26oct15 1024x576 - Bardin no longer crits on his ultimate - why?

Shade got 10 second invisibility on short cooldown that ends with an incredibly powerful attack.

Handsmaiden got a long range dash that damages enemies on one of the shorter cooldowns in the game – and it can also make the character invisible for several seconds with level 25 talent.

Huntsman got couple seconds on invisibility and an enormous buff to damage dealt.

Ranger got… A small cloud of smoke. On one of the longest cooldowns in the entire game. He cannot pass through enemies while inside. His damage is not increased. He is just deaggroed. With level 25 talent, you can make the stealth keep working outside the initial casting area – but that might be a bug, because it doesnt say so in the description.

The auto crit used on ranged shots used to… kinda make it up for him.

So now Ranger's powerful F skill ability, the one on extremely long cooldown, with a 25 level talent, is reduced to basically… 14 seconds in mediocre stealth.


What the fck fatshark? It's not like anyone complained about him being OP? His skill used to be mediocre at best – due to long cooldown – but now its ridiculusly weak. What am I supposed to do with it?

Revive a teammate?

Mercenary Kruber can revive an entire team with a single button push. Handsmaiden can at least pass through enemies and get to them instantly. If my downed ally is surrounded by stuff, or there is some stuff between him and me, I can't do shit.

Kill enemies? Sure, I can – but why use my F skill? To have mobs aggro on my friends instead? And if the only benefit is… having some mobs run past me, why the fck is there a 2 minute (I dont know the exact number, it might be higher) cooldown?

To people not playing Vetaran Ranger – imagine if your Kruber lost his damage buff. Or your Shade. Imagine that the only thing you get, the only benefit, is those couple seconds of not being attacked by stuff. Now imagine that the cooldown is even longer.

Yeah. I know. Sucks.

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