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Bardin Ranger Veteran rant.

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I find myself in a selected minority who really likes to play Bardin as a Ranger Veteran Sub-class. Because I'm probably a little touched in the head. However, the changes to ammo capacity and weapon variety seem to be most gimped on Bardin in comparison to every other ranged specialized class.Every other ranged spec class has some kind of ammo generating or ammo saving capability whether in form of blessed shots, ulti giving ammo back, regening ammo passively or receiving ammo from headshots. Bardin has the shortest straw of the bunch by a mile. Bardin requires a special kill (elites and bosses don't count naturally…) to spawn an adventurer's ammo pouch. Now this poses few major setbacks for our bearded ranger magnificence:

ammo pouches are shared with everyone in the party. Specials often die in places the player cannot reach. 

First one mainly happens with picked up groups. Someone almost always takes the ammo first even if you ask them to save them for you in chat or voip, and even with the addition to the red bow icon next to your name. I'd suggest fixing this to give ammo also to Bardin as well when ammo pouch is picked up, doesn't matter who picks it. Or removing the drop altogether requiring to be picked up because of the reason number two, listed above. Next I'd like to take a quick glance at our bearded terror of the woods's talents as he tryhards what cousin Okri used to do.The talents are more or less in line, but I'd like to see change in the ammo pouch specific talent that replaces the ammo. This is plain stupid and has severely hurt my plays at times. Why not make it so that in addition to the ammo, it produces grenade or a potion? I've been at 1-2 shots left with a derp patrol (the one that is stuck and can't be avoided) and killed a hook rat or a sorc, just to receive a potion. Because why the hell not.

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Now with the latest nerfs to how much ammo rangeds can carry, Bardin gets the once again the shortest straw: 17 for crossbow and handgun and 21 with grudge raker (why an odd number for a double shot weapon? Makes no sense) this is INCLUDING the passive to get more ammo with you which you CANNOT avoid even if somehow you wanted to (Yes, I'm eyeing you 25% more power when out of ammo talent) Only suggestion to fixing this is stated above with the ammo regen, I can live with the lowest of the low amount in comparison to everyone else, but add lowest of the low ammo replenishment as well… That's rich. Not to mention his weapon selection is also the most narrow, technically 2 different weapons. No repeaters of any kind, no volleys, not even fire weapons. And this is our ranged specialized sub class.

Last is somewhat an honorary mention of ranger vets ulti. I can live with having nigh-blinding graphical effect when I'm inside a smoke cloud, it makes sense. But what I'd suggest you'd add is clearer way to see where the border of the smoke is. Because sometimes in a fight you have to dodge some aoe, and your ult is gone because oops you stepped out of the smoke so as not to die. The smoke persists of course, but for some reason you cannot re-enter it again to receive the buff. Once you're out, you're done. Wait for cooldown. Have fun playing this class.

Anyways, I'd like to hear what you think. And yes, I know I have to git gud or play IB because r u stupid lols. But I mean really. It's sad every other hero's ranged class is designed so that they outperform Ranger Veteran on every level. You can't tag for more damage, give aura for crit, save your ammo because storm sorc died on a roof where you can't get, you are limited to 2 ranged weapon types (technically..) Your only utility in a kit is to give your team more bombs or potions, which are half wasted for aforementioned reasons and grims. Even if ressing people in a smoke cloud is cool af, other stealthy classes can do that too. And Merc Markus can shout everyone up instantly. So it is not a very good argument in favor of the beard-king of little legs. But who am I to question the all-knowing wisdom of the omnipotent devs?

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