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Bardin’s Slayer jump needs some specific buffs and here’s why

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I've been playing a lot of the slayer career path, and I've got to say it's the most fun I've had in Vermintide even if it isn't the absolute strongest.

The slayer path is the only one in the game that forgos any access to ranged weapons, and thus the balance has to be adjusted to take this into account. Ranged weapons are the primary means of taking care of specials, warpfire throwers and ratling gunners specifically, the sorcerers too as well but to a slightly lesser degree, with the packmaster and assassin being optimally dealt with at range. If you are to be the last man standing you just have to hope there are no specials, as it is almost impossible to deal with a packmaster coming for you when there's a mob on you, while any other class can just shoot him.

Not having an option for the slayer to deal with these guys and chalking it up to "it's okay for some classes to be weaker at some things because it's a team game" is unacceptable, as it's a gaping weakness that prevents optimal enjoyment of the class, and it could be easily rectified without compromising the class' weaknesses or identity.

The slayer's leap is supposed to be in theory one of Bardin's ways of engaging these ranged dudes, however if you're ever tried jumping a ratling gunner you'll notice quickly you'll get shot and stunlocked with no recourse. Bardin's jump should be his method of dealing with specials, as it is a unique way of dealing with them that doesn't compromise his class identity, it is longer cooldown than using a ranged weapon and puts you into an unsafe position, so you should be able to do the jump if used correctly, however it doesn't work.


Sorcerors: you have to hope they teleport near you because you sure as hell aren't going to get near them otherwise with all the teleporting. With the leech you sort of have to leap past him then kill him quick otherwise he will do his thing.

Ratling Gun: You can't deal with him unless he's reloading, it's super uncool to jump at him and be stun locked, when really it should be a badass thing that you leap into the fray to deal with a threat.

Packmasters and Assassins: you can technically deal with them because of the leap stun but you have to hope they miss their first strike, and really it's a 50/50 thing without a ranged weapon.

These are just the notable examples that make slayer much less of a compelling class to play, making it very unfun when you've no agency to deal with the most powerful threats in the game.

My suggested solution is to make Bardin take less damage and be uninteruptable while jumping. He should be able to leap onto a special and actually be able to kill them, but so often you're just left with no means to do anything about that special and you're sitting there thinking "why am I playing this class" and it really takes you out of it. This buff would also extend to when Bardin jumps to a lower elevation, he shouldn't take damage if he leaps into the ravine on the wooded map, because that shit's awesome and you shouldn't be penalised for that (why that isn't the case currently is beyond me).

TL;DR: Small buff to dwarf slayer to allow him to actually deal with specials and allow some fun gameplay without compromising his other aspects of balance. Make him invulnerable/uninteruptable during leap and have him uninteruptable for a few seconds after leap.

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