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Bardin’s Weapon Combos (All Careers) -“Dawi & Rangers everywhere – rejoice!!” [squeak]

warhammer 8 - Bardin's Weapon Combos (All Careers) -"Dawi & Rangers everywhere - rejoice!!" [squeak]

Context: I've only played legend, not played any Cata, so I'm hoping by starting the discussion with some dumb stuff by me, maybe some wiser rodent-quellers will chime in with pearls of explosive wisdom.

So I've been playing with the new weapons across all Bardins classes (as I'm sure all avid Bardin players have been… to the despair of lobbys eveyrwhere) and whilst the Revolver (sorry, not in game atm, forgotten its name) and the Coghammer seemed a bit OP at first; after a few games with them they seem more balanced than I initially thought.

The Revolver has made me really appreciate the Handgun more – its ability to actually zoom in and hold your fire makes it the superior sniping option… and not being allowed the crossbow, it feels like a nice fit on the Engineer. Hoping between rapid fire and precision.

I’ve been enjoying the Engineer with Axe+Shield + Handgun, or Drakefire Pistols – the Handgun, with the Armour Piercing Slugs talent and the extra ammo, makes you feel like a classic sniper. You use the gatling for hordes and specials, and quickly bop anything with armour with the handgun. The extra ammo is just that little bit more that you feel a bit less precious with it.

The drakefire is just a fun way to manage the “cooldown” of your gatling gun… i.e. juggling both Overheat and your Ult resource allows for more non-stop pewpewpew. It goes well with the Leading Shots talent, instead of the armour pierce. Depending on your melee weapon, giving your gatling the final armour piecing talent to synergise with the drake pistols could be good. I didn’t, and just had non-stop horde clear between the two.

The Revolver Ive been having more fun with on the Ranger – going invisible helps afford its longer “click” in higher pressure situations to snipe someone (as you’ve got no zoom) and also, being invisible, fanning shots point blank at no risk is pretty baller. Feels like the "throwing axes pointblanking into bosses and quick retrieving them" game, but more effective. I've been pairing it with Dual Hammers and it seems like a great combo.

You miss out on some of the Rangers more go-to talents re hitting multiple foes or enjoying reload speed buffs… but it seems to work well. You can grab Mainstay for the hammers, as it feels like you don’t really need the enhanced power with the Revolver (though I’ve not tested any breakpoints), and deal with horde control, elite sniping even if they're right on top of the group, and of course giving everyone bombs galore.


The Coghammer… its definitely great. I have some dislikes with it – which I’m happy for, as it doesnt eclipse other weapons for me. Though I’m interested to hear what other players think. I think I’m having to learn it a little as it operates almost in reverse to Bardin’s other 2handers, so its not so intuitive to me yet.

I’ve tried it on my Slayer – he absolutely wrecks with it, but the “flow” definitely feels slower re him reversing the axe head and such (not the attack speed, that's nuts, but literally the flow of murder when dealing with mixed unit types)…

I found, whilst it could do the job of a 2hAxe and 2hHammer, the Skullsplitter setup of 2h Axe/Hammer combo still melted things quicker without breaking stride. That’s fine, that’s how it should be. Whereas combining it with Dual Axes or even Throwing Axes made the Slayer feel very adaptable to all situations. It feels like a Warpick/Axe/Hammer hybrid in his hands, due to the speed and sheer damage he brings to it.

I’ve been enjoying the Coghammer on the Ironbreaker most – who benefits from the versatility moreso than the Slayer – who is already packing double. I like the IB with the drakegun (I’m one of those people that never ever seem to burn my teammates, so you’d assume I’m pretty accurate, but give me a shotgun and you’ll headbutt your keyboard in despair.) The Coghammer seems to cover all bases really effectively whenever I'm not flaming things to hell, and as it's horde clearing is on its light attacks it makes the IB feel a bit less slow.

So go on, what are you’re thoughts with the new weapons across all Bardn's careers? What have I got wrong? How many times have you “accidentally” shot the Elgi?

I realise its still early days yet, and I'm sure guides etc will come out soon, but interested to hear the initial thoughts now that people have messed around with it a bit.

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