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Barkskin and concentrated brew broken combination-Broken Speed Records/RNG

ttfvs8xl 1024x576 - Barkskin and concentrated brew broken combination-Broken Speed Records/RNG

Barkskin: you take 50% less dmg when using healing supplies, this can stack multiple times to cause you to take 0 dmg for 10 seconds, say 6-7 seconds max because of the time it takes you to drink a potion and pick up another one. This however is currently broken because it works when you heal via Bloodlust or regrowth, meaning two heals makes you invul for 10 seconds, this negates fire wizard explosion on self, and causes you to become immune to dmg from concentrated brew.

Concentrated brew: player uses health instead of consuming potion. Sounds fine, but combined with healing back via regrowth or bloodlust or using barkskin, this means you have unlimited potions. (this did not work this way prior to this beta as it took away green health instead of temporary health, it has changed in this beta phase).


This is how people are getting seemingly outlandish times on the speed running challenge board, also combined with massive RNG that you get multiple speed pots or a concentration pot straight away on "Against the Grain".

This combined with other factors, wizard teleport, handmaiden dash, bardin jump+ms bonus after jumping that stacks, can create teams that can legit zip through the level in an instant, however still heavily tied to RNG.

Not only does these potions need to spawn early, you cannot have a Stormfiend or Bile Troll spawn at the start because these specific mini bosses create a wall to block players from advancing.

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