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I like the class fine for a conflag build. It's not bad at all stacking charge speed. However, it basically has one viable spec, which is unfortunate since the Tranquility idea was actually pretty cool — just under-utilized.

I think it would be fun for BW to be a "bounce-build" more similar to BH — where she is encouraged to shift between melee/ranged rapidly. This would make Pyro dedicated ranged, UC somewhat dedicated melee, and BW a hybrid.

I'd suggest the following changes:

  • Passives: Reduce tranquility base CD to 6 seconds and remove the take-damage reset. Maybe bump the passive regen up by 100%. Remove Pyromantic Surge (10% ranged damage). This was redundant with Pyro and it's uninspired. Just make it a talent choice.

  • Ultimate: I'd consider just removing the fire and making the impact effect more meaningful. Longer stun or more stagger for the relatively long cooldown compared to HM? Or add a short quickness effect by default. Like 10-20% increased base movement speed for 10 seconds. Or lower the cooldown to 30 seconds.

  • Tier 1: DPS Buff: Change Fuelled by Fire to 5% atk speed. Don't need more stamina except on a push stab build. Cauterize wounds probably needs to be 10% ranged damage increase (i.e., Pyromantic surge). Leave charge speed increase alone.

  • Tier 2: Tranquility Modification: Remove all tier 2 talents (let's be honest, they all suck). Make new talents in this tier that change the operation of tranquility. Something like -33% cooldown (6 sec to 4 sec). 5% atk speed when tranquility off. 20% increased dodge distance when tranquility on.

  • Tier 3: Tranquility on Cast: Switch Burning Vigour to 20% hero power boost for 4 seconds on cast from tranquility (or limit it to a fixed number of casts). Switch Centred to 10% atk speed boost for 4 seconds on cast from tranquility. Leave charge speed alone.

  • Tier 4: Health Return: This needs a global change — probably needs to be tailored based on each class/subclass for health return to tailor to the build. Like temp health chance when target burning. Temp health chance on melee kill. Temp health chance on aoe or ranged kill. Temp health on tranquility proc.

  • Tier 5 – Ult Modification: These need retooled to make the ult either an initiator or an escape. Lava Walker needs changed to add resilience, like more move speed or dodge or block cost reduction. Change Burnout to 20% damage boost for 10 seconds to give the option to make the ult an initiator (could be timed with tranquility on/off above to synergize).

This isn't perfect, mind you. But it starts to create other builds and encourages bouncing between melee and ranged. It also seems like each tier would actually offer a meaningful choice. You could run a highly mobile atk speed build (dagger/bolt), or a burst damage build coming out of tranquility/ult (stacking damage to +50% for 5-10 seconds?), or a charge speed build (for conflag).

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