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Battle Wizard is super OP in the Beta now

warhammer 7 - Battle Wizard is super OP in the Beta now

So before the main beta ends and it enters its NDA period, I wanted to post some fun / stupid/ REALLY effective builds I've been using in WoM Beta 4. To anyone not in the Beta: There's a good chance some of the these talents will change, but the meta has shifted drastically from the Live version. Battle Wizard: So you know those builds in the live version that use the level 10 talent that makes everything continue burning until it dies? Well … they added a lvl 20 talent that synergizes directly with it. It's super broken.

Level 5 – Stagger grants Temp HP – The first heavy attack of her flail is a heavy overhead that: Staggers, Creates an explosion with unlimited cleave, and applies a burning DoT. You can get 60 THP from doing an overhead into hyperdensity. Nuff said.

Level 10 – Lingering Flames – With the new level 20 talent, this allows you to adopt a ranged play style that focuses on softening up hordes and tagging specials / elites / bosses and letting your insane DoT kill them.

Level 15 – Unusually calm – You can pick any of them if you want to try a different staff, but I find that this works best with the beam staff since it can't get any benefit from the 2nd talent and the 3rd talent isn't needed because you rarely get to high overcharge.

Level 20 – Famished Flames – Increases your burning DoT by 150%. Decreases all non-burn damage by 30%. – I don't even … this is REALLY REALLY GOOD. You can deal 2k damage to a boss just by sniping them with the beam staff (after waiting for 5 hits), you can make everything except for a CW scream in agony as you laugh and praise aqshy.

Level 25 – Burnout – 2 activations from one ult bar charge is still really good in the Beta, this can be changed if you feel like

Level 30 – Enchanced Power – Your power is increase by 50 (calculated before other buffs are applied) – This makes your DoT do an extra 25% damage per tick

Ranged weapon: Beam Staff (but anything except for the bolt staff works because the bolt staff doesn't ignite anything). Shotgun blast to burn away hordes, snipe beam to ignite specials and elites. In Cataclysm the game likes to spawn specials in packs of 4 – 7, so if multiple disablers are on approach try to tag as many as you can (even if it's with a low power beam snipe), because once a teammate is dragged through a horde on cataclysm, they're probably dead and there's nothing you can do about it. Properties are w/e, and I take the barrage trait as it increases your DoT even more for elites/specials/bosses.

Melee Weapon: Burning Flail – Again, the first heavy attack on this weapon is REALLY GOOD. It creates an explosion centered on w/e enemy you hit that: staggers everything except for bosses, applies a DoT of ~1600, and can generate A LOT of ult charge and THP

Witch Hunter: Level 5 – Hunter's Ardour: THP on crit / headshot – Take this to completely avoid the Stagger damage penalties


Level 10 – Riposte: Blocking as an attack is about to hit causes your next attack to be a guaranteed crit – Has the same trigger window as parry, and allows you to deal with stacked bullshit a little better (elites and normal trash hyper density)

Level 15 – Heretic Sighted: Tagging an enemy increase your attack speed by 10% for 15 seconds – Free attack speed that's basically always up

Level 20 – Cast Away: Pushing an enemy increases Stamina Regeneration by 40% for 2 seconds – ANY of these talents can work, as they're all good and none really synergize with the main point of this build

Level 25 – Fervency: Your ult gives you 6 seconds of guaranteed crits – Excuse me what? This is … absolutely ridiculous. Have stacked elites? Pop your ult and decapitate all of them. Need more ammo? Pop your ult and unload into a horde. Ran into a boss? Pop your ult and unload with BoP and watch it die. I feel like this needs to come with some sort of drawback to be balanced, because as it is … it's just broken.

Level 30 – Assassin: Your critical hits and headshots always count the enemy as staggered – Basically this means you don't have to stagger enemies before you can do full damage to them. This is really and allows you kill enemies a lot faster.

Weapons: Melee: Rapier / Billhook – The rapier is better than hordes and has pretty easy headshots, but the Billhook is better at dealing with elites and specials. You can stagger ANYTHING with the billhook's special attack, and then immediately follow up with a heavy headshot to kill Maulers, SV, and those ??Ungors?? (don't remember their name please don't crucify me). But it really sucks at dealing with hordes. If you want to try something really funny, use your ult and start killing elites in one shot with the Billhook's Special. It looks really funny ("Oh no stroked me with a hook-hook. Guess I'll die-die!").

Ranged: BoP / Repeater pistol / Volley Crossbow – Want a ranged weapon you can unload with while your ult is up

Footknight: Footknight got some nice talents in the beta. And one or two broken ones. Level 5 – Temp HP on cleave Level 10 – Pushing gives you +20% attack speed for 10 seconds Level 15 – PAssive aura grants an extra +5% damage reduction Level 20 – Grants an extra 5% damage reduction for every ally that's close to you (since the current mechanics in WoM Beta highly encourage sticking together) Level 25 – Become invulnerable to damage for 5 seconds after charging – So … every 50 seconds I become invulnerable for 5 seconds? Seems fair. Totally fair. Not broken. Level 30 – deal 25% further damage to staggered enemies – needed Weapons: Melee – Anything, I uses the Sword and Mace or the Exec sword Ranged – Anything, I use the Blunderbuss

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