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Howdy. I have now hit level 30 with Sienna, with most of that as a Battle Wizard. I've spent a decent amount of time in Champion, and have dipped my toe into Legend. I'm not a pro player. If I was I wouldn't be doing Battle Wizard. But I wanted to drop some thoughts for Fatshark.

BW seems to be split between two molds. Faster charge up on ranged attacks, and strong melee defense. Basically compared to the faster/crit focused Pyro, or the melee focused UC, BW is supposed to be the inbetween class. You focus on melee, then pop off quicker ranged charge attacks to make up for your lack of Pyro. You are theoretically hardier then the Pyro, but more ranged then the UC. Or you can theoretically lean into the ranged charge attacks and ideally hit similar damage numbers to Pyro.

Problem is this usually doesn't work very well for a number of reasons.

First up is Tranquility. Tranquility sucks.

  • It takes way too long to activate. 8 seconds is half a battle. It needs to be 2-4 tops.

  • It drops OC way too slowly. By the time it's activated and cooling me down, we have finished the first battle and moved on to the second. This makes it useless in nearly every situation. Worse yet, the tick down is nothing. I go from 1 OC per second to maybe 2 OC per second drain. These aren't numbers that hold up in any situation. The drain needs to be doubled if it's even going to be useful to me.

  • On hit losing Tranq makes the entire class worthless on anything above Recruit. The way the AI Director works it'll spawn people behind you to hit you. Or ranged attacks. Or globes. Or etc etc etc. You'll get hit, and then your Tranq buffs will disappear, which suddenly make you a nonentity in the fight. Without the faster charge speed ( or the right answer, the block reduction. ) you just can't compete and you'll get hit more often. This kills the class on anything above Recruit for near no gain.

Wow you might be saying. These are huge changes to Tranq. With these changes BW Sienna would rarely be at high OC. And that's exactly what I'm saying. Pyro should be a high risk/high reward class where you are constantly fighting your OC to do the damage it does. And it's not at all, because Pyro has Natural Talent/Dissipate/Blazing Equilibrium so she rarely gets high enough for it to matter. And then she seems to drain at the same speed as a Tranq BW, because Tranq tops seems to give maybe a point more OC drain then Pyro.

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Which makes the whole BW class useless. If the BW and Pyro drain at roughly the same rate/and the Pyro gains significantly slower, why go BW?

( The answer is because at 30 you get Burnout, and Fire Walk has next to no CD so you can constantly remove all OC. But that's LEVEL 30 which takes hours to get to and no class should be built around "Ah yeah hit 30 and it's good then. Namaste." )

Second off is Fire Walk. Guess what. Fire Walk also sucks. It's ok at 30 due to the reason above, because it's an easy way to drain OC and keep going, but it's bad at literally everything else it's supposed to do.

  • The damage is does is abyssal above Vet. On Recruit/Vet I'd pop a Strength potion then hop over bosses and it'd rip out 20% of their health by itself. That was fun. Soon as I hit Champ/Legend it doesn't do anything to bosses anymore. Maybe 3-4% hp. It does diddly to swarms. It's basically just become a button to drop my OC.

  • It's extremely finicky. It gets stuck on rocks, trees, the air sometimes. It's rare I'll go where I want to be.


So here's my solution. This would make the BW feel great, and feel like a competent addition that I'd feel better about taking over the Pyro/UC.

  • BW should have 125 health. This alone would do wonders for her, making her melee more reliable, and also giving her less risk/reward then it has right now.

  • Tranq should proc at 4 seconds, and should only go off on casts, not being hit. Your first cast out of Tranq should give you a 25% power boost on that attack alone. Make Pyro the fast attack/crit machine, but BW the big slow hits.

  • Fire Walk should either get a massive boost to damage, oooorrrr should not be a trail of flames anymore. Instead when you land you do an AoE stagger/set fire to where you land. That'll give you a cleared area you can then control.

This would open up 2 BW paths.

Option A is go defensive. Take Fueled By Fire/Flickerform/Burning Vigor/Volan's Quickening and you've got a mobile wizard tank. If things get tough you can bottle up and defend yourself against attacks pretty effectively. You are nowhere near as good as the dedicated tanks ( or even the UC ), but you also have your staff and the 25% power boost on first attack out of Tranq to let you get some big hits in.

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Option B is to go big charge hits. Voracious Conjuring/World Aflame/Rechannel/Burnout. All that combined with the 25% power boost first attack out of Tranq and you've got a system. Throw out big attacks ( Conflags and Fireball staff finally useful. ), with lots of power between them, then wait inbetween for Tranq to clear you out. And then actually get to cast again before the end of the fight because Tranq won't take 3 fights to bring you back down now.

And then a bunch of mixing and matching. Go big attacks through World Aflame/Rechannel, but also grab Fueled by Fire and go into melee when waiting for Tranq to come back up, which is safe now because unlike current game where getting hit just fu*ks you ( which by the way encourages me to just run away from fights so my Tranq will proc and I can get that sweet sweet .5 faster OC drop….. ) you can instead play the class mixing and matching.

Also fu*k the Beam Staff. Jesus Fatshark.

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