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[BBB] current state of Slayer

warhammer 2 - [BBB] current state of Slayer

TL;DR: Slayer is slightly weaker than before while being less engaging to play, Dual Axes are still the best weapon and you might as well get a light attack turbo button.

So, Dual Axes push attacks have been nerfed, and I think that was an attempt to make other weapons viable / ged rid of the quad axes meta. While I do agree that can be something you want to do (but not necessarily have to), IMO it utterly failed. Why, you ask? Well …

  • While it’s hilarious that you can sometimes one-shot chaos warriors with a Pickaxe, it’s still inferior to Dualies in every other way, plus the charged heavy attack is slow AF and you are basically fu*ked if you miss.
  • Tho-handed Hammer could be in a great spot, but it’s impossible to hit the Stormvermin one-shot head shot breakpoint while maintaining 30% chaos/inf for your Dualies’ horde clear.
  • Dodging has finally been fixed, so you don’t need to block/parry for Elites anymore.

So that leads to the following, less than optimal state of Slayer:


Situations that are best solved by mindlessly spamming Dual Axes light attacks while dodge dancing and leaping whenever it’s off CD:

  • hordes
  • mixed hordes
  • lone elites
  • berserkers
  • monks whacking someone else
  • specials
  • chaos patrols
  • bosses/lords whacking someone else

Situations that are not best solved by mindlessly spamming Dual Axes light attacks while dodge dancing and leaping whenever it’s off CD:

  • monks whacking you
  • (probably) Skaven patrols because of shields, but I just spam them down anyway
  • bosses/lords whacking you

But hey! It did in fact get rid of the quad axes meta. You only need one set of Dual Axes now! The only thing I use my second set for right now is moving faster with Q cancelling and smacking Skaven bosses.

My current loadout for reference.

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