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Beastmen – A Wazzok’s Opinion

warhammer 9 - Beastmen - A Wazzok's Opinion

Bit of a rant here, so here goes. I'd like to note that I am speaking from my own experience, and that I am not speaking for anyone else. If you are content with the beastmen, then that is completely acceptable.

I can't stand the beastmen anymore. Out of the three enemy factions, they're the hardest to deal with. It wasn't necessarily the damage that was the problem for me, as there are other highly damaging attacks in the game that can be dealt with trivially.

What makes beastmen so bone grindingly difficult to play against is the readability of their attacks. Imagine the Chaos Warrior's punch and how sudden the attack is. It's a brief rev before an extremely quick jab. It's fine for the CW to have it, I think, since the rest of his attacks are extremely slow and easily avoidable. The beastmen, however, seem to have an attack palette that mimics the CW punch, making it so that nearly all of the attacks have a very short windup and an extremely fast swing or stab. Individually, this isn't a problem, because you can either block or dodge the Un-/Gor and finish it off right after. The issue comes when there's a Beastman horde.

The beastmen have a surprisingly large mass and seem to have a larger stagger resistance, which makes it very inconvenient that they can tightly pack into a deathball the same way Skavenslaves do, and just destroy you with attacks that leave little room for error. Beastmen punish you extremely for having a low-stagger/low-cleave weapon, because while your attacks might kill beastmen individually, they're extremely ineffective when dealing with multitudes of them.

Next I'd like to talk about the beastmen hit detection. The issue here is that the arcs of their attacks seem to be twice as large as the weapons they're carrying. A gor running at you with a sword, raising it's arm to attack, will be able to hit you even if you dodge backwards. An ungor will jab its spear forward and I can dodge so far to the left, that I can see the entire length of the spear, and I will still somehow have gotten struck. It feels unfair to me as a player, especially when I can clearly see the distance between the beastman and myself.


Another peeve is one involving Standard Bearers spawning two or three at a time in the span of 2 minutes, especially when there's a Horde of them coming along. Not only do multiple Standard Bearers make it an absolute nightmare to get rid of them, but if a Horde spawns alongside them, it spells a wipe for the game. They're still too identical to the Bestigors. Could their armor perhaps not have been a different shade? Perhaps add some bright red tattoos, or add a different shade to their fur? Anything to easily distinguish them between the Bestigors. And I know that Fatshark is capable of doing so, as they've done it with the Life Leech and Blightstormer. Slowly walking, obese men that cannot be confused with one another, as one is covered in a dark hood and the other shines brightly with his pale, naked skin.

I was initially very excited for beastmen, as they're one of my favorite Warhammer Fantasy factions. I looked the other way at first, thinking that maybe I just need to get used to them, and that over time I'd be capable of dealing with them as efficiently as with the other races. However I now find myself getting infuriated and demoralized whenever I get a map with cramped tunnels and hallways, and the main foe are the beastmen. It makes me not want to play anymore, which is a very frustrating feeling to have, especially with a game you want to enjoy.

Anyway, that's all I had to say. You can leave your disagreements and dislikes on the table.

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