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Becoming legend-comfortable or: Is it me, or a bug?

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I have recently started to play Legend and it showed me some points the lower difficulties did not highlight at all, because they were hidden under a solid patch of temp health, easily topped back up again. So I am wondering whether it is my lack of awareness or whether it is a bug, i.e. whether I have to git gud or just try to live with it. I would like to get your more experienced opinion on this.

Scenario 1: Some rats 10-15m in front of me, I turn around to join my team and help with the horde there. Some seconds later, when I reach them, I get hit in the back by one of the rats that seemingly were able to run much much faster than me.

-> Do they, or was I probably misjudging distances and time?

Scenario 2: I am circle-dancing the horde in a clear room. The horde comes one way, I strafe around and make sure to stay on the edge, get hit in the back by a rat that I have no idea how it came there. As I once witnessed an ambient spawn out of thin air 10m in front of me, I am inclined to attribute it to that.


-> So should I block-look-around every three seconds or was I probably again misjudging the movement of the horde out of my sight?

Scenario3: Dual-axing or dual-daggering away, but some rat that clearly was in front of me while I swang is still standing and pulls through with their attack animation, hitting me.

-> Is that what is called a phantom swing? Is there anything I can do against that except maybe choosing a cleave-heavier weapon with a broader swing?

I would be very grateful for any insights on this, b/c I do not want to be the dead weight the party has to carry.

Edit: Twenty minutes into the post and a lot of (mostly consensual) helpful posts. Thanks, guys (and girls)! When I wrote this, I was thinking of the "truly-desparate"-Loki-meme, but I was positively surprised.

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