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Berserkers need some changes

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As the title states, I think berserkers (and monks to a lesser extent) are in serious need of some basic QoL changes. Berserkers are easily some of the strongest non-special enemies in the game (2nd only to Chaos Warriors), simply because of just how oppressive they are. With that being said, I don't think they're OP, they're in a good spot. My problem isn't with how many berserkers spawn in Legend, how much damage they do, or how fast they are, but rather, how little information the player is provided with when noticing that they exist.


A lot of info is provided in Vermintide through audio cues, and the more dangerous something is, the louder the audio cue typically. For some reason however, even though berserkers are some of the most dangerous enemies in the game (and can easily wipe a run), they make almost no noise. The noise that they do make, is incredibly similar to normal marauder screaming, but I've definitely been shanked more than a few times with my only warning being the backstab sound. Furthermore, they're very similar visually to normal trash mobs. They're not hard to pick out when they're just standing around, but when a horde happens, it's pretty much impossible to tell there's a berserker in the horde until they're right in front of you, at which point you're forced to play defensively (which isn't possible sometimes depending on the environment).

TL;DR, berserkers are fine in terms of balance, but the game doesn't treat them as the high priority target that they actually are. They need some changes to make them stand out more compared to normal enemies.

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