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Best ironbreaker melee weapon on legend (2.3)

warhammer 8 - Best ironbreaker melee weapon on legend (2.3)

I'm ironbreaker main, and after testing all weapons on legend i've come to these conclusions:

  • 1h axe – i read everywhere that's best weapon for IB… And i can't agree. I don't know if it was nerfed, but even with its dodge and crit bonus, it is nowhere near as effective as 2h Axe or 2h hammer. Its disadvantage is almost no cleave, against hordes killing one rat per hit is way to slow (even with 10% attack speed from items and Swift slaying). Also since dodge was nerfed i find it less reliable than good position and fast horde wipe with 2h weapon.

  • 2h hammer – it is best on maps with open locations (like war camp), where its heavy attack with 20% against chaos can max stagger unlimited amount of horde. Its push attack is fine to clear some surviving mobs, without risking taking damage. Also chaos warrior becomes a medkit with this weapon (with thp on kill).

  • greataxe – i find it overall best weapon for IB. Great light attack cleave, way faster attack than 2h hammer (with +30% attack speed i feel like Slayer), great monster/Boss damage and ability to stagger CW and berserkers on heavy attack. Push attack is great against hordes, ecspecially against rats, as it has great cleave (and opposed to 2h hammer push attack, is horizontal). I know its third light attack deals laughable damage but somehow its very effective against hordes (not elites or monsters, but block cancel works fine on them). Also… Can someone confirm if greataxe has hidden damage against monsters (which, as far as i know, would mean also bosses)?

  • dual hammers – with nerfed dodge i feel like it does not have enough cleave on stagger in legend, and with big horde i sometimes get hit. Also its far less effective than 2h hammer chain heavy attack or greataxe chain light and push attack.

  • warpick – maybe i didn't play enough with it, but seems to me less effective against hordes than 2h hammer and greataxe, and its heavy while fun, seems to shine only against single CW, who is a medkit anyway.

  • weapon with shield – i think IB has enough protection (with +20% hp and 10% reduction against chaos and ult active he is almost invincible) and offensive build works way better in legend. Shield push is not strong enough even with opportunist.

Build i've found most effective: On charm 5% attack speed and 10% vs chaos. On both greataxe and 2h hammer 5% speed, 10% chaos (its needed for extra cleave against horde and damage against CW) and Swift slaying.

What are your opinions?

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