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Best way to use Zealot’s ult? (And side-questions)

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Brief context:

Aspiring Saltz main here, Zealot being my favorite class. I'm just getting to where I can competently run Champion.

I'm good with my blocks, getting better with my dodging, and have figured out that expedience is what matters instead of dallying around trying to hit everything to death.

That in mind, I'm having a hard time finding good times to use my ultimate. I often find myself pressing F and ending up with half my health gone almost immediately unless I charge it through a bunch of fodder ratlings. Anything bigger and I get snagged and beaten into paste well before I'm able to actually start attacking.

Is there a trick to it? (Besides blocking during, I guess?) Should I not be using it during hordes except for escapes? I really wish I could decide the distance of the charge or opt out of the forward momentum altogether, but alas.

Sometimes it saves my life and I do some clutch moves with it. But the other half of the time, I just needlessly sacrifice the HP I'd hoped to build upon with a sudden influx of temp-HP.

Can better Zealot mains than I give me some advice?

Side Questions:

I currently run with the Hand Axe and Brace of Pistols, but will often switch to Flail or Standard Crossbow. During my time in settling on these things I've gathered a few questions I've been meaning to ask you guys:


1) Is it just me or is the Repeater fu*king shit?

2) For as fast as the falchion is, does it actually do all the same things as the axe or am I right in telling my friends the axe is way better for armor?

3) Additionally – For a lvl 300 Axe – would you guys say decrease in ability cool down or attack speed on critical strikes would be better for high end play?

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Right now my axe and pistols both run this so I can have my ultimate ASAP to help with HP regen, but I'm probably going to re-roll so that my pistols deal more damage the longer I shoot something, and change my axe to the attack speed buff.

My ult is already on the reduced cooldown skill, but I really like how fast my purple bar fills up nowadays.

4) Flail, I think it's versatile but will Legendary change my mind? Sometimes it seems to rock, other times it's just dinging off things.

5) Is it natural to feel a slight increase in general xenophobia during my daily life immediately after exiting a game where elves and witches shoot me to death in Champion pubs?

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