Warhammer: Vermintide

Beta #3 and Repeating Handgun

warhammer 3 - Beta #3 and Repeating Handgun

Had a red one lying around, so took it for spin with Huntsman Kruber. I didn't try to use headshots, just aiming center of mass for experimental purposes.

Charm: +10% infantry, +5% attack speed, Decanter

RH: +10% Skaven, +5% crit chance, scrounger

Messed around on some champion maps. One shot kills on Stormvermin. 4 shots for CW. Moved to legend (into the Nest, wanted to get lots of SV). 2-3 shot SV kills on legend with my set up.

I'm sure there might be a cool break point somewhere. I'll look into it tomorrow.

Definitely feels good now. Would definitely take it on certain maps, where I know I'm not likely to snipe much, but also where I'd have a little space.

60 shots with Huntsman is great. Waiting until you are reloading/empty to hit your Ult gives you a free clip still, which is nice. Especially with scrounger, and not using ammo during your Ult, you can get a decent refill on ammo with luck. I used a concentration potion on a rat ogre when I only had 16 bullets left. By the end, I had a completely refilled ammo capacity. Getting used to using the alt fire, and then letting go after three shot bursts worked great with the SV. Aim at the legs, the recoil pulls up, all the shots land on the SV. Not as fast as with handgun, but not needing an immediate reload, either. The alt fire burst doesn't work as well/quickly as snap shots with the handgun when it concerns packmasters and assassins. CWs are rough. The alt fire increased recoil too much for accurate head shots, and the shots won't go through super armor.

It is still definitely a mid range weapon. Still can't clear hordes as well as blunderbuss, still can't snipe like the handgun. I'll be keeping my handgun on my FK. Merc might have enough crit chance to make it worthwhile, but I don't think I'd be using the alt fire as much. Huntsman is the clear winner here. Free 8 rounds on Ult use, lots of crit chance, a -25% spread talent, lack of damage drop off for longer ranges, and obviously, +50% ammo, which combines nicely with Scrounger.

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I was very pleasantly surprised. Super enjoyable.


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