Warhammer: Vermintide

Beta for new update is up! No patch notes at the moment

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 09 ps4 us 26oct15 1024x576 - Beta for new update is up! No patch notes at the moment

Right click on Vermintide 2 in steam -> Properties -> Beta and then choose "beta – " from dropdown list. That will download around 8.2 GB

edit: Vermintide Mod Framework gives an error and crashes game. I advice to disable mods for beta for now

Changes so far:

New checkbox in Launcher: Auto-disable unsanctioned mods in official realm

New main menu interface, like in xbox one port. I like it, more convenient even for m&kb. New Okri Challenges for Helmgart related missions. Do not claim reward, it will give an error, state that reward was claimed but no lootbox will be given out

New setting in gameplay menu – Bot character priority: sets wanted bot priority in order of availability. I assume it will allow to have saltzbot


Lots of new information throughout interface. Many descriptions of passives and talents now include numbers. Kerillian has new stances on all weapons, now she stands bit more straight. Weapons that have illusion on them have small purple whirl icon in its picture in inventory

Kerillian's two-handed sword has been fixed, no unintended pushes, also no second charged attack, only stab. Kruber's Executioners sword seems to be bit faster, charged attack now has faster dash that goes bit further. Repeater handgun now has new sound when reloaded.

Ping/Latency is numerical now

Heroes abilities now correctly play associated sound effects for other players. Meaning Sir Kruber will not just yell but also have proper thunder sound that everyone will hear.

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