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Beyond new weapons and classes, I want new things to find and utilize during play

warhammer 8 - Beyond new weapons and classes, I want new things to find and utilize during play

So after recently purchasing Vermintide 2 and getting absolutely addicted, I've come to realise after several days of playing that there is one thing that I really wish had been expanded from the first game that hadn't, and that is actual stuff to find and utilise during a level. The only addition has been a third potion, but I feel like there is so much more that could be included! For example:

  • A more defensive potion. Perhaps something that would actually cause enemies' attacks to be reflected back on themselves and forcing them back!

  • More types of bombs. Warpfire, pestulence, nailbomb, etc.

  • Enhanced ammunition, possibly with a few varieties based on different lores of magic (light order might have super penetration, celestial order are seeking, blazing order explode in flame, etc.). Basically equivalent to the special ammo system from L4D2. (On a side note, I feel like infinite ammo pickups are too common, and should be limited to once somewhere around the middle of the level and no more. Or is this difficulty-dependent?).

  • Blessing or oils for weapons. Similar to the enhanced ammo, their use limit could be based on each swing that makes contact with an enemy.

  • Heavy weapons such as the ratling gun and warpfire thrower might be picked up and used, but they'll slow you down, have limited ammo that can't be replenished, and of course you need to drop it to switch back to your normal weapons. You could also have strange devices found in chests that might have unusual purposes, or perhaps wield that special artifact a certain level wants you to recover in order to lay waste to swathes of enemies (cooler than a torch, right?).

These are just some ideas I had that I think would go a long way towards making runs more interesting and dynamic. Most people tend to talk about new weapon choices, and while that'd be swell as well, actually being able to find more interesting gear as you scour a level would be my preference at this point. Anyone agree? Disagree? Have other thoughts?

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