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Big Balance Beta – Initial Feedback

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So, after reading the patch notes and playing the beta for a few hours, mostly testing things in the keep and trying out some legend games with bots, I've got some thoughts on the changes so far.

First off, I think it's overall a good patch, with lots of good changes. I'm excited about the integrity/general gameplay changes like dodge window, shieldvermin and enemy rotation adjustments and the changes to temp health talents are also interesting and so far have made the game a lot more challenging. (though if anything, I think the new temp health on kill is underwhelming compared to its counterparts). There's also a lot of good weapon changes like the 1h sword buff, changes to shield bash and other similar moves, making them easier to aim, 2h hammer buffs allowing you to cleave through armoured targets is a great change, pickaxe and executioner sword buffs are also really nice; I finally feel that the executioner sword feels good to use (though I wouldn't mind getting the headshot sfx on light attacks back) etc. That all said, there are some changes that I'm not too keen on for various reasons be it nerfs or supposed buffs that I feel have failed to make any real change.

Fire sword – sadly, I fear the changes to the firesword probably won't really change much, since while the regular 1h sword receive numerous buffs including stamina and armour damage buffs, the only things that have really changed for firesword are increased damage on light, faster swings and slightly more armour damage on light 3. Even if these changes make the weapon not completely terrible, you're probably still going to pick the mace, dagger or 1h sword over this thing still.

1h axe – I'm a bit disappointed that the 1h axe didn't get the buff to infantry damage on light attacks that it really needs to be able to reach the 1 shot fanatic breakpoint. Several other weapons have higher damage whilst hitting more targets than the 1h axe including the halberd and glaive, even though the axe is meant to be a heavy hitter single target dps weapon. The only real buff it got was a bit of stagger and the charged attack damage buff, though that doesn't really count since every similar weapon's charged attack got that buff (1h hammer/mace and elf sword). Give it 14 or 15 damage instead of its pitiful 13 and it will be perfect.

2h axe – "Reduced armour penetration on push followup attack." lol wut. Who looked at the 2h axe and thought "You know, we really need to nerf the armour penetration on its push attack"? If anything, I think the 2h axe needs a cleave buff on its charged attack since it's currently slow to swing, has poor cleave and poor dodge, making hyperdensity a nightmare to deal with.

dual axes – I cannot support a nerf to these things. Partly because they're awesome and I love playing as slayer, but also because they're slayer's unique exclusive weapon, and slayer being the melee class with the massive downside of no ranged weapons, I think he deserves to have a very strong melee option like this.

2h sword – "Slightly reduced effectiveness of push followup attack overall, reduced critical/headshot bonus specifically." But why? 2h sword was finally in a decent place; it was strong, but not too strong and it had the downsides of poor mobility and swing speed. Even then I only ever really used it on zealot and mercenary. Definitely did not need a nerf.


Hammer/mace and shield – Similarly "Switch push followup attack damage profile to lighter version with less power across the board." Why though? hammer/mace and shield still felt weak to me after the push-attack buff, why nerf the push attack? Granted, the charged attack was buffed but not by much. Either the charged attack should use the old push-attack damage profile, or restore the damage to the push-attack imo.

Glaive – At first I wasn't pleased about the changes to light attacks vs armour, but with the buff to charged attacks, it makes chargeds actually usable now so after playing around with it it felt good. What didn't feel good though is the change to attack speed; the old version of the glaive felt like it had some depth to it with the push attacks being faster, but now every light attack is too fast and it makes the weapon feel awkward, especially when trying to block cancel. I would say to revert the attack speed changes.

Dual daggers – RIP dual daggers. Well, not really, though I feel like maybe they nerfed damage to armour on charged attacks too much, although thankfully the damage on headshots is still decent and can still 2 shot stormvermin, though I'm not sure how they perform against chaos warriors where headshots are less likely.

Elf 1h sword – The charged attacks are in the wrong order; it should be overhead, overhead then the diagonal strike, but for some reason it's now overhead, diagonal, overhead. Don't know if this is a bug or intentional change, but if it is intentional then it's a pretty big nerf since the diagonal charged attack still does less damage than the overhead attacks.

Sword and dagger – This one already felt like a weak weapon to me before the beta, yet both charged attacks were nerfed. The second charged attack was obvious nerfed along with the dual dagger nerf, but why nerf the first charged as well? Now it currently does less damage than the dual sword charged attack and against armour, it only has 1 damage number as the dagger doesn't even penetrate. I don't know if this change is to try and make it more realistic/consistent, but yet the first 2 light attacks are inconsistent since they only deal 5.75 damage, same as dual daggers lights when they use the sword which should be dealing about 7 damage as per the dual swords light attacks.

Dual swords – Some weird changes. Charged attack buffed yet again, but still does pretty mediocre damage against armour and what's more is that with the changes to light attacks 3 and 4 getting insane crit bonus, there's not really any point in using the charged attacks. Also can someone explain "All attack can slide past armor." to me? I thought it meant that light attacks can cleave armour like the executioner sword now does, however it only seems to work on target dummies, but in game stormvermin still stop the cleave.

Falchion – liking the charged attack buff, what I'm not liking is the light attack change. I feel like they nerfed the damage too much, it now does less damage than the 1h sword in fact. I wouldn't mind if it did the same damage amount (10) or maybe even 9 or 9.5 rather than the current 8.5 damage, even if it was made a bit slower again.

Rapier pistol shot – Glad it got buffed, though what's weird is the super fast animation speed, it just looks really wonky and weird.

That's about it, well, there's some other things I could discuss like the bounty hunter changes, but I've went on long enough. Overall like I said I think it's a good patch, just there's a few changes I don't agree with or could be done better.


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